Dolphin Strength and Stretching Exercise

This position will help build strength in the upper body and legs as well as lengthen the spine, calves and hamstrings (back of the upper thighs).


Start by kneeling on your mat, arms a little wider then shoulder width apart. Place your forearms on the floor, spreading your palms flat on the floor with fingers spread and palms connected with the floor.


Starting Position
Starting position


Tuck your toes under and press the balls of feet into the floor. Continue pressing your feet and forearms into the floor, lifting your knees up off the floor.


Keep your knees bent as you lift, this will help you get length in your spine and put less pressure on your neck and shoulders.


Lift your tailbone up and back as far as you can, then gradually work on straightening your knees. Your legs do not have to straighten in this exercise. For many of us that have tightness in our hamstrings, we will actually get a better position we keep our knees bent.


Dolphin Exercise Extension Position
Remember, your legs do not have to straighten when you lift up


Hold for a few seconds, or build to a longer hold of 30 seconds. Bend the knees to release from the position, lowering your knees to the mat for a full release