Cobra Stretch

The Cobra stretching exercise can help us work against the upper back rounding effects of seated lifestyles.


Step 1: Lay On Your Stomach


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Activity Avenue Step 1 for the Cobra stretching poseLay on your stomach, legs long, feet long on the floor.


Place your hands under your shoulders (as opposed to under your chin).


Your top of your head will be reaching to the opposite wall so your neck is long. Your face will be parallel to floor, nose almost touching the floor.


Step 2: Slowly Press Upwards into the Strech


Step 2 of the Cobra stretching pose

Press very slightly into your hands, trying to curve or extend the stiffer portion of your back between the shoulder blades. If you press up quickly you will probably just bend at the already mobile portion of the low back.

Hold and breathe for a few breathes, then slowly lower. Repeat steps from the beginning 3 to 5 times.


Advanced Stretching Exercise


Step 3 of the Cobra stretching poseYou can advance this exercise by pressing up until you lift your chest, then progress to your hips off the floor.


Continue to work on the mid-back extension that you worked on in the initial steps.