UW Carbone Cancer Center Care Wear scarves, hates and brasUW Health CareWear offers products for women who have had mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast reconstructive surgery.


Our staff of certified fitters have a wealth of experience in caring for women with cancer and other special needs.


Questions and Appointments


Please call CareWear at (608) 262-2609 with questions or requests for appontments at any of our locations.


Locations, Hours and Products/Services


Locations Hours Services at This Location
Chartwell Midwest Wisconsin
1345 Deming Way, Suite 100, Middleton
Monday-Friday, by appointment

* Mastectomy and maternity product fittings (Monday through Friday)

* Compression stocking fittings (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

* Retail sales (Monday through Friday)

UW Health East Clinic
5249 East Terrace Drive, Madison
Currently closed N/A


Insurance Information


Most insurance plans cover partial or full costs of breast prostheses and mastectomy bras. Check with your health insurer for benefit coverage. We submit insurance and Medicare claims directly to your insurance companies.


CareWear Products

  • UW Carbone Cancer Center Care Wear productsBras
  • Camisoles
  • Jogging tops and tank tops
  • Swimsuits
  • Silicone breast prostheses
  • Partial silicone breast forms
  • Headscarves and hats
  • Lymphedema sleeves and gloves
  • Skin care products
  • Specialty gifts and jewelry
  • Prenatal support products
  • Maternity compression stockings
  • Compression stockings for women and men

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Compression Stockings


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