Cancer Center 2012 Donor Listing

Annual Report 2012

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The University of Wisconisn Carbone Cancer Center, the only comprehensive cancer center in Wisconsin, would like to thank all donors who help our organization maintain its leading role in innovative research initiatives, compassionate cancer care and education for the public and health care professionals.


Donors listed are from January 1-December 31, 2012.


Professor and Chief Justice Seymour Abrahamson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Acker

WEA Trust

ADS Mechanical LLC

After School Clubs, Inc

Mr and Mrs. Jon M Ahlgrim

Mr and Mrs. James Albers

Mr. and Mrs. William N. Albright

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Allen

Alliant Energy Foundation, The JK Group

Mr Vernon Alt

Mr. and Mrs. Dale F. Amacher

Mr Richard Ament

Mr. and Mrs. Josef Anderegg

Mr. Terry W. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Anderson

Mr. Wilmer Anderson

Ms Colette Anderson

Benjamin Franklin Lodge #83

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery C. Anderson

Mr. Robert J. Anderson

Mr and Mrs. Carl and Bonnie Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Andrews

RBC Capital Markets, LLC

Mr and Mrs. Thomas S Angell

Antics Flipbooks, LLC

Ms. Tracey C. Anton

Arbor Gate Hospitality, LLC

Mr. Thomas J. Archdeacon and Ms. Marilyn Lavin

Architectural Design Consultants Inc

UW Manitowoc Lakeshore Wink Ensemble

Mr and Mrs. Tim Armatoski

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Armour

Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Arnesen

Mr and Mrs. Thomas D. Arnol

Mr. and Mrs. John Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Mary Beth Arnold

Ms Susan Arthur

Rev. Arthur M. Arveson

Mr and Mrs. Terence N. Assink

Associated Bank

AstraZeneca LP

Ms. Susan K. Atkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. Bachhuber

Ms Mary Bader

Mr and Mrs. John S Baehr

Baer Paints and Supplies, LLC

Mr. Floyd Baer

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Baer

Mr Kevin Baker

Bakers Sunset Bay Resort

Ms Diane K Ballweg

Bank of Wisconsin Dells

Mrs. Sylvia Banville

Mr Tom Barker

Mr and Mrs. Dennis Barney

Barron Community Fund

Mr Dick Bast

Mr. Gerard J. Bastien and Ms. Jan Eddy

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Bauer

Mr and Mrs. Larry K. Bauer

Kelly Bauer

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Baumann

Mr John Baumann

Ms Pam M Baumgartner

Mr and Mrs. Marvin Beatty

Ms Susan Becker

Mrs. Darlene A. Becker

Mr. H. William Becker

Ms Tara G Beer

Mr and Mrs. Daniel Began

Mr and Mrs. Mark Behling

Mr. Donald E. Behling and Ms. Kathleen A. Skibinski

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Beisswanger

Mr and Mrs. William P Bejin

Mr and Mrs. Brian Belardi

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Belter

Mr. and Mrs. Craig G. Bender

Ms. Janice R. Bender

Mr and Mrs. Chuck Bendever

Ms Deanna Benish

Benkert Home Inspection, LLC

Mr and Mrs. Steven L. Benson

Mr and Mrs. Brad A Benson

Mr and Mrs. Perry K. Benz

Ms Hilary L Berg

Ms Sandra Berg

Ms Barbara A Bergum

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Berkowitz

Ms. Sarah M. Berman

Ms. Linda Berman

Mr. and Mrs. Niles Berman

Dr. Robert Bernardoni and Ms. Charlotte Doherty

Mr and Mrs. Andrew Bernstein

Mr and Mrs Cale S Berryman

Mr and Mrs. Paul M Berthouex

Ms. Sandra Bertics

Mr Norman Berven

Mr Jack Beyerly

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bidinger

Mr and Mrs. David Bielicki

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Biermeier

Mr Kenneth V. Biller

Mr and Mrs. Andrew G Bingham

Ms Beth Binhammer

Ms Jennifer Binkowski

Ms Madonna Binkowski

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Birk

Ms Pamela Bisek

Countryside Jewelry

Ms. Sheryl L. Blair

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Blankenheim

Mr Todd Blankenship

Ms. Joanna Bleakley

Ms. Jodi Bloch

Mrs. Laura H. Bloomenkranz

Blue Lotus Tattoo Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney W. Blum

Mrs. Ruth Bock

Mr and Mrs. Thomas J Bodvig

Mr. J. Richard Boelk

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bogus

Mr Bryan A Bohling

Mr David L Boldon Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester D. Boles

Mr and Mrs. Michael D Bollant

Ms Erica Boll-Feltes

Mr. and Mrs. John Adolph Bolz

Ms kathryn S Bomier

Mr and Mrs. Richard Bond

Ms. Nancy Books

Mr and Mrs. James M Boreen

Mr and Mrs. Willliam T Borton

Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Botsford

Dr. Timothy Boyd

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Brachman II

Mr. Dave R. Bradford

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brager

North Star Resource Group

Ms. Carole A. Brandt

Mr. Donald Edward Breitenbach

Bremser Group Inc

Mr and Mrs. James Brendemuehl

Ms. Mary A. Brennan

Mr Steven Brezinski

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Brigham

Mr. Harland S. Bright

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley A. Brill

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Brock

Ms. Mary Kay Brooks

Brooks Tractor

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Brown

Mr. David Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton G. Brown

Ms Marni Brown

Mr and Mrs. Brock L Brownrigg

Mr. John R. Bruce and Ms. Maureen A. Hall

Mrs. Bev Brunner

Ms laura K Brunner

Ms Teri Bruns

Mr Joel Brusso

Mr and Mrs. Paul G. Buckner

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Buechner

Mrs. Marguerite Bulgrin

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bullis

Ms Shirley Burg

Mr. Joe Burich

Mr Joseph Burich

Mr and Mrs. Craig C. Burke

Mr and Mrs. Martin and Kathleen Mary Burkhardt

Ms. Kathleen Burr

Mr and Mrs. Michael Burrows

Mr and Mrs. Mark Bush

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Busse

Television Bureau of Advertising

Beaux Mettler Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Butson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Butterbrodt

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney E. Byers

Dr. and Mrs. Martin Cadwallader

Mr and Mrs. Michael Cahill

Mr. Jeffrey Calder

Mr Ian Cameron

Mr Chad A Campanelli

Ms Karen E Campbell

Mr and Mrs. John Campbell

Dr. and Mrs. Toby C. Campbell

Ms Katherine E Campbell

Mr and Mrs. Douglas A Cannon

Mr and Mrs. George J Caranasos

Mr. Gerald A. Cardo

Mr. and Mrs. John Carey

Vonlay LLC

Ms Catherine Carlson

Ms Laura J Carlson

Mr and Mrs. Thomas Carney

Mr Donald F Carrig

Ms Jill Case-Wirth

Ms. Maureen Casey and Ms. Erin Decker

Ms. Virginia Cashbaugh

Mr and Mrs. John Caswell

Holli Caulfield and Associates Inc.

Sandy Oaks Foundation Inc.

Cellular Dynamics International Inc.

Chambers and Owen, Inc

Mr and Mrs. Arnold M Chandler

Ms Debra Chapman

Mr David Charak II

Ms. Jane Chaulklin

Mr. Joel Craig Chechik

Mr. and Mrs. Ray J. Chesner

Mr. and Mrs. Martin T. Chiaro

Mr Duane Chilcote

Mr. Lyle M. Christenson

DeWitt Ross and Stevens SC

Mr Phillip Christman

Mr Mark Chullino

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Chun

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. Churchill

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Claerbout

Mr and Mrs. Christopher L Clausen

Dr. and Mrs. James F. Cleary

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cleasby

Dr. and Mrs. Kelly H. Clifton

Mr Daniel Cloutier

Mr. James A. Clum

Ms Emily Coan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Coffin

Prof. and Mrs. Bernard C. Cohen

Mrs. Corine K. Cohn

Coyle Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James Colegrove

Ms Susan Coleman

Mr and Mrs. Raymond C Coleman

Mr and Mrs. P. Bryon Coleman

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Collier

Mr and Mrs. Joseph Collins

Mr and Mrs. Michael J Collins

Mr and Mrs Ken Collins

Ms Patricia Collins

Captain Robert D. Colvin

Community Foundation for Fox Valley Region

Community Foundation of South Wood

Community Living Connection

Pat Connors

Mr and Mrs. Kevin T Conroy

Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Cook

Ms. Nancy M. Cope

Be Inspired Salon

Ms Sheila Corbine

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Corcoran

Ms. Patricia E. Cosgrove

Cotter-Brown Inc. D/B/A Madtown Twisters Gymn

Prof. Maribeth A. Cousin

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Coyne

Mrs. Paula M. Craft

Mr. Brian Craig and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Cratic

Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Croak

Mr. Gerald Crohn

Ms Rene Crowder

Crowe Horwath LLP

Crown Trophy of St. Paul, Inc.

Ms Laura Cullen


Mrs. Susan J. Cunningham

Judge and Mrs. Robert F. Curtin

Mr. Thomas F. Curtis

Mr John A Czarnecki

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Dahlman

Ms Janet Dailey

Mr. Seth Dailey and Ms. Iris Kurman

Ms Jane Dale

Ms Traci Dalsin

Dan and Tim's Riverside LLC

Mr. Patrick Daniel

Mr Joseph Daniels

Ms Barbara Daniels

Dr. and Dr. Benjamin Darien

Mr. Robert F. Darling

Data Dimensions Corp

Mr and Mrs. Timothy A Daum

Mr and Mrs. Scott David

Ms. Mary Margaret Davidson

Wild Rose 'One Fund' Drive

Ms Lisa Davis

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Davis

Rayburne A D'Costa

Mr and Mrs. Michael D. De Sciscio

Dr. Jospeh A. De Wulf

Deemer Audio Contractors

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Degler

Mrs. Violet Dehring

Mr. Mark J. Delforge

Mr and Mrs. Jerome Dembski

Dr and Mrs. Dustin Deming

Design Concepts, Inc.

Mr and Mrs. Richard C Deutsch

Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Dewey

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Di Rienzo

Diane Chechik Family Trust

Mr Jeff Dick

Mr and Mrs. Jeff Diehm

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Diers

Mr Glenn Dillard

Mr and Mrs. Todd A Dillmann

Prof. and Mrs. John M. Dirkx

Ms Mary Dischinger

Ms Jane E Dix

Mr and Mrs. Terrence E Doeler

Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Doering

Mr and Mrs. Gregory Dohrn

Mr. Richard P. Dolan

Mr Larry L. Dolphin

 Mrs. Patricia H. Donovan

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Dorn

Mr and Mrs. Michael L Douglas

Ms Tammy Douglass

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace H. Douma

Ms. Dorothy C. Dowling

Ms. Lois Downing

Dr. John F. Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. David Drake

Mr. Gordon P. Drake

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Dreifuerst

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Dresen

Ms. Mary Jane Drexler

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Drill

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dryburgh

Prof. and Mrs. Richard R. Dubielzig

Ms Jade Duckart

Mr and Mrs. Jack and Diana Duelge

Ms Susan Dukes

Mrs. Cherie R. Durfee-Smith

Mr and Mrs. David Dvorak

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Dyhr

Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Dyke

Ms Dorothy T Dziengel

Mr Armand Eberhardy

Mr David Edwards

Mr. Brad Eggum and Ms. Hannah Eggum

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Ehr

Mr Joel Ehrlich

Mr. Stephen J. Eisenberg

Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C.

Ms. Jane M. Eisner

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Eisner

Mr Christopher Elders

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Elliott

Ms Jennifer Ellison

Mr James Ellsworth

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Emerick

Ms Nichole Emery

Ms. Lucille Endres

Ms. Kathleen O. Engel-Hunt

Ms Mary Berg Epsholtz

Mr and Mrs. Steven M Epstein

Ms. Paula Ann Erato-Daggett

Ms Jacqueline Flack Erbach

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Erney

Mr Charles A Errico

Mr and Mrs. Gail and Douglas Errington

Mr Thomas Ersham

Mr Jeremy Esch

Mr. William F. Escher

Essen Haus

Mr Thomas Evans

Mrs. Betty J. Evans

Evco Plastics

Evoke Idea Group, Inc

Mr Shawn Fahrenkampf

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Fahrni

Dr. Ann L Failinger

Mr and Mrs. Remington P Fairlamb

Mr. and Mrs. Joel G. Fait

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Farley

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Farley

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Farmer

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Farmer

Mr and Mrs. Robert Fass

Ms Lynne M Faulkner

Mr and Mrs. Scott A Favour

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Fayram

Mrs. Fredrika Feeny

Ms Cathy Fehlauer

Mr and Mrs. Frank Feil, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Feist

Mrs Mary Felda

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Feldt

Ms Jessica Louise Felix

Mrs. Ardys M. Fenner

Mr and Mrs. Douglas Ferge

Mr Jacob Fergus

Ms Janice Ferguson

Ms. Yvette R. Ferris

Mr. and Mrs. R. Guy Ferris

Mr and Mrs. William D Ferro Jr.

Mr and Mrs. Howard Fibich

Mr Jason C Field

Ms. Nancy L. Fielder

Ms. Florence S. Filley

Ms Ann Fincutter

Mr and Mrs. Daniel R. Fink

Infusion Solutions Pharmacy, Inc.

Ms Shelley Finnel

First National Bank Fox Valley

Mr and Mrs. Robert J. Fischer

Ms Judy Fischer

Something Fishy

Ms Pat Fisher

Ms Ellen Fisher

Mr and Mrs. Donne F Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Fisher

Mr Mark Fitzgerald

Mr William T Fitzpatrick

Mr Jeff FitzRandolph

Mr Casey FitzSimons

Five Lakes Financial, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall E. Flax

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Fleischacker

Mr. Darrell Fleming

Ms Lynn Flynn

Mr. and Mrs. Kaj S. Foget

Ms. Karolyn A. Foley

Dr Eugene F Folley III and Dr. Laurel W Rice

Mr and Mrs. John M. Foley

Ms. Jennifer Forbeck

Ms Patricia A Formella

Mr Mark Forsythe

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Fosbinder

Duane and Kathleen Foulkes Foundation, Inc.

Mr Brian H Fox

Ms. Edith W. Fox

Mr Anthony Fox

Mr jerry Frankowski

Ms Pamela A Frazier

Mrs. Jannan Freiburger

Mr. Christopher J. Freitag and Ms. Ellen Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Byron L. Frenz

Ms. Virginia R Frey

Ms Nicole H Friedell

Mr and Mrs. Albert Friedman

Agrace HospiceCare, Inc.

R. D. Fritts Family

Ms. Janice L. Froelich

Johnson Block and Company, Inc.

Frontier Communications

Mr and Mrs. Joe G Fry

Mrs Carolyn Fuerst

Mr Roy D Fugazy

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fujikawa

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fuller

Mr. Kay Gainacopulos

Ms Martha Gaines

Galaxy Circuits Inc

Mr and Mrs. Harold L Galbraith

Mr and Mrs. William R Gall

Karlsbad Tavern

Ms. Maureen Gallagher

Mr and Mrs. Gregory Gallina

Mr and Mrs. Robert P Gallus

Ms Mary Gantz

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Garfield

Ms Bette Garland

Mr and Mrs. Dale Garrett

Ms Heather Garrison

Mr Gary Garten

Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Gaspie

Mrs. Ramona A. Gasser

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Gast

Mr Joseph M Geary

Mr. Timothy J. Geier

Ms Bekki Geiger

Mr and Mrs. Russell W Gell

Mr and Mrs. Larry and Sheila Gempeler

Genesis Medical Staff

Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey M Gentin

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Gerbitz

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Germantown High School

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gern

Ms Susan P Gevelber

Mr . George E. Gibert

Mr and Mrs. Terry L Gibson

Dr. Marcia C Gibson

Mr and Mrs. Roger Gierhart

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Giese

Mr and Mrs. Paul F. Gilmeister

Mr Wayne L Gilmour

Mr Eric Gislason

Ms Kristina Gislason

Ms Beth Giudice

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Gladbach

Ms. Ottilie L. Glazier

Mr Sheridan  Glen

Mrs Jean L Glise

Mr David Glusick

Mr Steve Goldberg

Mr. Mark Goldsworthy

Mr. Fred H. Golen

Mr and Mrs. Joseph Golichnik

Ms. Josie Gombar

Goodweiler and Associates, Inc.

Ms Heather Gordon

Mr and Mrs. Kevin Gorman

Mr Gary J Gorman

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Gottschalk

Mr. Guy A. Gottschalk

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Gould

Mr. John C. Gould, III.

Mr.  John R. Grace and Dr.  Joan Raducha

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Grade

Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Graf

Mr Nicholas Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Mary A Graper

Mr Donald Gray

Ms Renee Gray

Ms Susan Green

Ms Margaret E Green

Ms Marla Greenberg

Ms Mary Greenhalgh

Mr and Mrs. Bruce S Gregg

Ms. Carol A. Grendahl

Mr James A. Grenlund

Mr Steve Grenlund and Family

Gresham, Smith and Partners

Ms. Barbara C. Griffith

Mr Andy Grinwald

Dr. Sarah A Groessl

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Groh

Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Grommes

Mr and Mrs. Fred Groos

Ms Christine Grover

Ms Cynthia Gruebling

Mrs. Virginia J. Gschwind

Mr Christopher Guglielmo

Mr David Gullickson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Gullickson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Gundeck

Mr Peter Gunderson

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie W. Gunter

Mr and Mrs. Joe Gussel

Mrs. Joyce E. Gust

Mr and Mrs. Hans J. Gut

Mr. Frank M. Guth

Mr. and Mrs. Baxter Gutknecht

Mr Thomas Haag

Mr and Mrs. Timothy Haas

Mr and Mrs. Mark A. Haefner

Mrs. Ramona S. Hagen

Mr and Mrs. Matt Hahm

Ms Janis Hahn

Mrs. Shirley L. Hahn

Mr Francis J Haider

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Halada

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry G. Haldeman

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Halford

Mr. John M. Hall

Mrs. Alice J. Hampton

Mr and Mrs. Michael H. Haney

Mr and Mrs. John T Hannon

Mr and Mrs. Frank J Hansberry

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton T. Hansen

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Harari

Harbor Athletic Club, Inc.

Ms Julia Harding

Ms. Linda Harman McIntosh

Mr Bruce L Harms

Ms Patricia Harper

Mr and Mrs. Jerome O Harried

Mr and Mrs. John E Harriman

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Harrington

Ms. Donna Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd G. Harris, Jr.

Mr. Michael Harris

Mr. Farres A. Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Turner Harshaw

Mr. Karl Harter and Ms. Christina Sheehan

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory K. Hartig

Mr and Mrs. David W Hartmann

Mr. Forrest D. Hartmann

Mrs. Colleen M. Hasler

Mr and Mrs. Laith and Khalida  Hasso

Mr and Mrs. William Hause

Ms Tammy Hawkins

Mr Mark Hawkins

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hawley

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Haye

Mr Jay Hazen

Mr Frederick D Healey

Health Innovation Technologies, Inc.

Heartland Home Loans, Inc.

Mr and Mrs. Edward Hebert

Mr and Mrs. Jack and Nancy Heiden

Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Heider

Mr. Roger Heilert

Mr Matthew Heilman

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hein

Mr and Mrs. Terry Heinrichs

Mr Patrick M Heinritz

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Heldt

Mr David Helgesen

Ms Margaret Hellenbrand

Mr Edward Hellenbrand

Mr and Mrs. David Hellmer

Mr and Mrs. Joseph Hemauer

Ms Diane M Hendricks

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Henkel

Mr James Hennessy

Mr. Mike Hennessy

Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Henrikson

Ms. Jane E. Henry

Mr. Charles L. Henry

Mr Thomas  Herman

Mr Gary L Hermann

Ms. Eldora Hermanson

Mr John Hernan

Summit Credit Union

Mr. and Mrs. Keith G. Hernke

Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Herriot

Ms. Donna M. Herzfeldt

Mr. John P. Hess

Ms Jodi Hess

Ms Diane B. Hess

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hewitt

Mr Richard Hext

Ms. Linda Hicken

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hickey

Mr and Mrs. Robert A. Higgins

Mr and Mrs. Joseph Hildebrandt

Dr. James W. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hilt

Ms. Connie Hipp

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Hird

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hodder

Ms Kate Hodgins

Mr Chad Hoff

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Hoffmann

Ms. Gerda  Hofmann

Ms Miranda Hofmann

Mr John Hogerty

Mrs. Shirley Hojnacki

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Holewinski

Mr. and Mrs. Roumaine F. Holland

Ms. Janet K. Hollatz

Mr and Mrs. Gene Hollman

Mr and Mrs. Robert L. Holschuh

Mr Jim Holwerda

Ms Maureen Holzem

Mr and Mrs. Edward Hommel

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Honan

Mr. Arnold J. Hope

Mr and Mrs. Michael Horgan

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Horton

Mr David Horvath

Hospitality Plus of Beloit, Inc.


Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hotz

Mrs. Lois. Hough

Ms. Judith A. Howard and Ms. Amy F. Scarr

Mr. Homer L. Howard

Ms. Wendy M. Howell

Mrs. Patricia A. Howell

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Howell

Ms. Diane Hoyt

Mr and Mrs. Robert Hrabovsky

Mr. and Mrs. James Hrncirik

Ms. Jessica Hrubes

Ms. Lisa E. Hrupka

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Hubing

Ms. Alice B. Huebner

John and Marirose Huebscher

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Huff

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Huffer

Mr. Erik P. Humlie

Hupy and Abraham, S.C.

Ms Karen M Huseby-Moore

Ms Joan Huser

Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Hutson

Ms. Patricia J. Huyett

Ms Paula K Igel

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Ihrig

Illinois Industrial Lumber

Integrity Farm LLC

Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey Irvine

ITW Foundation Gift Matching Program

Mr. Charles Iverson

Mr. and Mrs. Don Jabas

Mr and Mrs. Jeffery Jackopin

Ms Charlene Jacobs Pusateri

Mr Erik Jacobsen

Mr. Bruce Javenkoski and Ms. Janet Breidel

Ms Annie Jax

Ms Deon Jaye

Mr and Mrs. Peter Jefferson

Jefferson Snowstormers

Mr. Mack H. Jenkins

Ms Emily Jenner

Mr and Mrs. Andrew J. Jensen

Jewish Federation of Madison

Mr and Mrs. Todd K Jindra

Mr and Mrs. Thomas Jindrick

Dr. Robert F Johannes

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Johannes

Mr and Mrs. Mark  Johansen

Ms Pamela Johansson

Mr and Mrs. Steven M Johnson

Mr and Mrs. William A Johnson

Ms Donna P Johnson

Mr Bob Johnson and Ms Terri Russell

Mr Millard Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Q. Johnson

Mrs. Mildred Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Millard W. Johnson, III

Ms Mary Ann Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Lee B. Jones

Ms Keenan E. Jones

Ms Karen Jordahl

Mr and Mrs. Kevin and Nissa Judd

Mr and Mrs. Raymond Jung

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Kachelski

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Kaether Jr.

Ms Sherry Kaiman

Ms. Lois P. Kalmbach

Mr and Mrs. David N Kalsbeek

Mr. Steven J. Kalscheur

Mrs. Rita Kaltenberg

Mr Kawaljitkaur Kalwansingh

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kaminski

Mr. John J. Kaney

Mr and Mrs. Daniel Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Karcher, Jr.

Dr. Steven B. Karges and Dr. Lynn Karges

Mrs. Ruth B. Karkow

Mrs. Barbara Karlen

Mr. Thomas Karls and Ms. Lori Janusz

Mr and Mrs. Richard J Karls

Mr Brant Kasbohm

Mr Kurt Kaspar

Ms Jeanne M Kast

Ms Donna Katen-Bahensky

Ms Susan A Katzner

Mr. Brian T. Kaye

Mr and Mrs. Kevin Kearney

Mr and Mrs. Gary and Cheri Keen

Mr and Mrs Rick Kekula

Mr and Mrs. Steven E Kelley

Ms Patricia Kelly

Mr John M Kelly

Ms Sara O Kelly

Venture Investors, LLC

Mr Scott Kelly

Mrs Faith Kelter

Ms. Gail A Kempfer

Ms Miriam Kerndt

Mr Ronald G Kessel

Mr and Mrs. Frederic S Kessler

Mr Ramesh Kharwadkar

Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Kidd

Mr. and Mrs. Ken A. Kiesau

Ms Helen Kilkenny

Ms Jane Kim

Mr Randall Kimple

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Kind

Mr. and Mrs. Peter King

Mr Bill King

Dr. Anthony L. Kiorpes

Ms Janet Kirschbaum

Mr Steven H Kirsh

Mr and Mrs. Lawrence L Kislia III

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kissinger

Ms Rosanne L Kjornes

Mr. Kurt Klapperich and Ms. Mary Ann Steiner

Mrs. Judith Klasek

Mr. and Mrs. Hilbert A. Klawitter

Mr Dan Klecker

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Klees

Mr Bryan Kleinmaier

Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Klibaner

Mr. Delbert Kliebenstein

Mrs. Dorothy Klink

Klondike Cheese Co

Mr and Mrs. Rory Kluck

Mr and Mrs. John Klus

Knapp's Development Inc.

Mr and Mrs. Richard and Marlene Knight

Knobeck-Anderson Tax and Business Services, LLC

Mr and Mrs. Donald M. Knoblauch

Capital Computer

Mrs. Carol A. Knox

Ms Katherine  Knudson

Ms Adela E Koch

Ms. Lois J. Koenig

Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc.

Mr Robert Kohlmetz


Ms. Sheila Kolbe

Mr Steve Komes

Lakeland Marketing Company

Mr and Mrs. Kurt Konietzki

Ms Kristin Konsoer

Ms Rebecca Kordahl

Ms. Carole A. Kortenhof

Mr. and Mrs. Dean W. Kosloske

Mr and Mrs. John Kothe

Ms Patricia Koval

Mr and Mrs. Mike Koval

Dr. Kevin R Kozak

Kraemer Brothers, LLC

Ms. Kimberly A. Kraft

Ms Katrina Kramer

Ms Lois A. Krantz

Mr and Mrs. John E. Kratchmer

Mrs. LuAnn Kratochwill

Shirley and Stanley Kritzik Philanthropic Fund

Mr and Mrs. Joe Kroeninger

Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Kromenaker

Mrs. Janet A. Kruckenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Krumwiede

Mr and Mrs. Mark Kryka

Mr Joseph E Kubsh

Mr William J Kubsh

Mr and Mrs. Kevin and Heather Kucera

Mr Raymond W Kuehlthau

Ms Jennifer Kuehn

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kuenzi

Prof. and Mrs. Gerald Kulcinski

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kunde

Ms Tami L. Kurtz

Ms Carol Labenz

Ms Katherine J Labinski

Mr James LaDuke

Ms Laurene Laehn

Mrs. Susan A. Laemmrich

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lake

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Lake

Mr. Robert D. LaMar

Mr Doug Lamude

Ms Sarah Lange

Mr Robert A Lange

Lange Farm Operations

Mr and Mrs. Peter J Lapuma

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Larsen

Mr James L Larsen

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Larson

Ms. Nancy L. Larson

Mr and Mrs. Steve J. Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Lasse

Ms Sally O'Malley Lathers

Crowe Horwath LLP

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth R Laugherty

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Laustrup

Mr Steve Law

Ben and Joan Lawhorn

University of WI Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Leffler

Mr Darrell Lehman

Yorktown Partners LLC

Mr and Mrs. Don and Gwen Leifheit

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Leighton

Mr. Roy A. Lembcke

Ms. Alice C. Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Lepke

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lepping

Mr. and Mrs. James F. LeSage

Mr Robert Leschke

Ms Kathleen Lester-Ross

Mr and Mrs. Robert R Leu

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Leuthner

Ms. Bonnie C. Levar

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Leverton

Mr and Mrs. David Lewandowski

Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Lewein

Mr Derrick Lewis

Cameron Management Inc.

Mr. Robert D. Ley and Ms. Ronda K. Richards

Mr. Michael A. and Dr. Elizabeth O. Lichtenberger

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Lichty

Dr. John A. Lindholm

Mr. and Mrs. George Lingel

Link Snacks, Inc

Promega Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Daryl V. Lippincott

Mr. Daniel F. Littel

Ms Darla Lockman

Mr. and Mrs. Troy J. Loeffelholz

Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Lonergan

Mr and Mrs. Thomas L. Long

Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Longino

Mr. John Loranger

Mr and Mrs. Joseph Lorbeske

Ms Cynthia Lord

Mr John Lorence

Mr and Mrs. Steve and Anna Lorenz

Ms Carolyn Lorge

Mr David Lowrey

Mr Kevin Lubner

Mr and Mrs. Wayne P Lubner

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lubniewski

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lucht

Bella Domicile Inc

Ms Patricia Ludvigson

Lueder Financial Group LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Luening

Mrs. Donna D. Luessman

Mr. Brian Lund

Ms. Karen K. Lundquist

Mr. John T. Lunenschloss

Mr Joe Luther

Ms. Katharine Lyall

Ms Jane A Lynaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Lynch

Mr Donald M Lynne

Mr Bradley K Lynne

Mr Robert W Lyons

Ms. Jane Lyons

Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Maahs

MacDonald and Widder Attorneys at Law

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Mack

Macy's Foundation Matching Gifts

Ms. Rae Ellen Madar

Ms. Mary Beth Madigan

Madison Eagle Aux #623

Madison Metropolitan School District

Madison Metropolitan School District

Mr Karl Madsen

Dr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Madsen

Ms Judith Magenis

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel I. Mager

Mr and Mrs. Michael M Maglior

Mr. Dave W. Magnum

Dr. Larry Mahr

Mr Zach Malloy

Mr and Mrs. James D. Maloney II

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Maloney

Maloney and Associates, LLC

Mr Michael J Maloney

Mr and Mrs. Rocco A Mango

Ms Tammie L Mannarino

Ms Cynthia Mansur

Ms. Jacquelyn M. Manteufel

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Manthei

Mr John Manzer

Mr Jeffrey Marcus

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Markos

Ms Janet Marren

Ms Helene Marsh

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marshall, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Martin

Ms Selina Martin

Ms Marcia K Martin

Ms Rebecca Marx

Mr. Donald J. Marx

Master Lock

Mrs Judith A. Mattie

Mr and Mrs. Ed Mauermann

 May, Tousley and Beck Famil

Ms Judith Mayer

Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Mayer

Mrs. Geraldine Mayer

Mr and Mrs. Oscar Mayer

Ms Marianna Mayer Fuchs

Mr. Eugene F. Mayernick

Mr. and Mrs. Edward McArdle

Ms. Marilyn J. McArdle

Ms. Sally A. McBeath

Dr. Paul McBride and Dr. Linda M. McBride

IBM Southeast Employees Federal CU

Ms Christine McCarthy

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. McCarty

Mrs. Ellen S. McCarville

Mrs. Joan McCaughn

Mr. and Mrs. Rowland J. McClellan


Mr Joe McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. George E. McCown

Mr Timothy M. McCulloch and Mrs. Michelle R Ciucci

Mr Robert T.  McCullough

Ms Bridget McCullough

Dr. and Mrs. Michael H McDonald

Ms Kimberly Ann McDowell

Mr John J McEwan

Mrs. Verda V. McFarlane

Mrs. Judy McGinley

Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius McGinn

Mr and Mrs. James B McGoey

Mr. and Mrs. Tom McGuire

Ms. Frances McKenzie

Mrs. Maxine McKilligin

Ms Dawn M McKinnon

Mr Rick McKy

Mr and Mrs. Eugene McNally

Mr John McNulty

Ms Jayne McPhail

Ms. Sharon McPike

Ms Julie A McRoberts

Mr and Mrs. Richard McWilliams

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Meacham

Mr David Meicher

Mr Dean E Meier

Mr and Mrs. Matthew D. Meier

Ms Betty Meier

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Meilicke

Ms. Deloris Meiners

Ms. Patricia Melcher

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meldrum

Sheridan Meltsner

Prof. and Mrs. Marvin E. Mengeling

Ms. Maggie Merdler

Mr and Mrs. Nicholas E Meriggioli

Meriter Hospital Outpatient Therapists

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Messner

Mrs. Norma B. Metzen

Mr Robert Meyer II

Michels Corporation


Mr. Sigurd H. Midelfort

Mr. Dean Millard

Ms. Mary Sue Miller

Mr. Donald H. Miller

Mr. Gary Miller

Mr and Mrs. Paul M Miller

Mr and Mrs. Don Miller

Mr Thomas Miller

Mr Arthur E Miller Jr.

Mr and Mrs. Don T. Miller

Mr. Herbert G. Miller and Ms. Donna Hutter

Mr and Mrs. David J Miller

Ms Brenda Miller

Ms. Marilyn A. Milligan

Mr and Mrs. David R Millsap

Mr. and Mrs. Chad D. Milne

Milton Education Association

Mr Charles Mineau

Ms Victoria Mintz

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Mischo

Ms Dorothy E. Mishler

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Mitchell

Ms Joette N Mitchell

Mr Timothy A Moe

Mr. Larry E. Moe

Ms. Jan Moffat

Mr.  Arnold H. Mohlman

Mr. Ken Moll

Mr and Mrs. Ryan P Monfils

Mr and Mrs. Peter L Monkmeyer

Mr and Mrs. Jeff Monson

Ms Shannon Montgomery

Ms. Erin Montgomery

Ms. Judy Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph A. Moravcik

Mr Peder E. Moren

Mr. Dornis C. Morin, Jr.

Mrs Gerda Moritz

Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Moritz

Mr Zachary S Morris

Prof. John E. Morris

Mr Jon Morse

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Morse

Mr Gregory A Moser

Mr. Eric D. Mott and Ms. Analisa Rudy

Mr Daniel Treuter

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mueller

Mr. John Mueller

Ms Nancy J. Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt F. Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Mullen

Ms Jeanne M Mundt

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Munson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Munz

Ms Abigail Muraskin

Ms Claire Murphy

Mrs. Jacqueline Murphy

Mr and Mrs. Donald J Murphy

Ms Patricia A Murray

Dr. Nimesh P Nagarsheth

Mr and Mrs. Mark Naidicz

Mr Stephen G. Naymick

Mr. and Mrs. Neal

Neenah Boys Basketball Boosters Club

Mr and Mrs. Todd L Neese

Ms Deborah Neff

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Neider

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Neidhart

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Nelesen

Mr. Steven J. Nelesen

Ms. Sarah E. Nelson

Mr. Robert J. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Nelson

Mr. Stephen L. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Jess C. Nelson

Ms Fairalene Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Neu

Mr and Mrs. J Timothy Neufeld

Ms. Lisa Nevins

New Cardinal LLC

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Newell

Mr. James Newton

Ms Lenora Nicholls

Mrs. Rachel E Nichols

Mr. Harold L. Nichols

Mr Robert Nickells

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Niemeyer

Mr. and Ms. Rick G. Niess

Mr and Mrs Bruce J. Noble

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Nolan

Mr and Mrs. James P Nonn

Mr. and Mrs. Buzz Nordeen

Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc.

Mr and Mrs. Douglas W Nordstrom

Mrs. Barbara J. Norene

Mrs. Isabel Norsman

Mr. and Mrs. Tom F. Novacheck

Mrs. Marilyn Novinska

Mr and Mrs. Anthony Nowak

Dr. and Mrs. Armin J. Nyffeler

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nylander

Mr. and Mrs. S. Oakeson

Mr. John Oberstar

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O'Brien

Mr and Mrs. Harold L O'Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. O'Connor

Mr and Mrs. Kevin J O'Connor

Ms Stephanie Mason Ogbourne

Mr. Armin Ohnesorge

Ms Susan Oldfield

Mr and Mrs. Keith Oldfield

Ms Tina Oldfield

Mr and Mrs. Mark W Olsen

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Olson

Ms Nancy J Olson

Ms. Judith Olson Sutton

Mr and Mrs. Timothy J O'Meara

Mr James Opelt

Oregon Athletic Booster Club, Inc

Mr. Peter P. Orlik

Oscar G. and Elsa S. Mayer Family Foundation

Ms Stephanie Oslie

Mr. and Mrs. Orville E. Ostrander

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ostrowski

Ms. Norma L. Otterson

Ms Katya Ouchakof

Mr. Melvin James Ouradnik

Ms. Mary Ousley

Ms. Camilla L. Owen

Mr. Rick A. Page

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Pagedas

Ms Betty J Pagel

Mr and Mrs. James Pahl

Pak-Rite, Ltd.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pannier

Mr Michael Parham

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Parish

Mr Todd Parmeter

Mr and Mrs. Jay W Parmeter

Mr Fred Pasch

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Paschen

Mrs Patricia Paska

Ms Dolores M Patros

Mr Kevin Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Paull

Mr and Mrs. Chris Paynter

Ms Kathleen Pazak

Mr Douglas R Peacock

Ms Geraldine L. Peck

Mrs. Ann F. Peckham

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Pederson

Ms Jill G Pelisek

Dr. Thomas Pellino

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pels

Ms. Penberthy

Mr Mark Pender

Mr. Alan E. Penn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Penrod

Mr. and Mrs. Henri B. Pensis

Mr and Mrs. Frank Peregrine

Ms Renee L Perna

Mr and Mrs. Louis Perona

Mr and Mrs. Ron Perry

Mr Andrew Perry

Ms Cindy Perry

Mr. Kenton Peters and Ms. Susan Lubar

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Petersen

Mr Steve Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Peterson

Ms Doreen R Peterson

Mr Rick Petri

Mr and Mrs. Christopher G Pettit

Mr and Mrs. Charles E Pexa

Mr and Mrs. Ronald L Pfeifer

Mr and Mrs. Stephen L Pfeil

Mrs. Gail Phippen

Physicians Plus Insurance Corp.

Girls on the Run Dane County Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Pietras

Mr and Mrs. Robert J Pillion

Pioneer Power and Light Company

Mr Marshall Piotter

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Pittack

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Pitts

Mr. Robert W. Plesha

Mr Bernard Pochron

Mr John T. Podbielski Jr.

Mr John Pohlman

Mr Eli Pollak

Polynesian Clips, Inc

Ms Janice Pomeranke

Wintrust Mortgage Corp.

The Irish Children's Fund

Ms Riva Powers

Mr Jeffrey Powers

Ms Antonina Prestigiacomo

Ms. Beverly Priefer

Ms Laura Prince

Mr Brian T Priske

Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Pritzkow

Mr. Irwin Probstein

Mr. and Mrs. Lester T. Proctor III

Mr. Thomas J. Prosser

Ms Kristen Prucha

Ms Marian S Quade

Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Quick

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Quick

Taylor Company

Quincy Bioscience

Mr and Mrs. Gregory Quinn

Mr. Charley Quirt

Mrs. Bette L Rackow

Mr. Ryan Radtke and Ms. Kathy Gore

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Radtke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ragan

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Ragatz

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Raizen

Ms Reena Chandra Rajpal

Ms Jamae Ramsden

Ms Charlene Ramsey

Ms. Jean M. Rappold

Prof. Alan C Rapraeger

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Rasmussen

Mr Jason Rasmussen

Mr. and Mrs. Roger H. Rathke

Mrs. Recht

Ms. Vita A. Redisi

Mr. Michael J. Redmond and Ms. Irene Temple

Mr. Mark Redsten and Mrs. Peggy Scallon Redsten

Mr. and Mrs. Don D. Reeder

Mr. Robert L. Reese

Ms Janet Rehder

Mr and Mrs. William and Ellen Rehr

Ms. Lily Rehr

Mr and Mrs. William Rehrauer

Mr. Richard Reichardt and Ms. Susan Ihler

Ms Jeanette Reichers

Timothy A. Reilley and Janet M. Nelson

Ms. Elizabeth Ann Reinartz

Ms Linda Reinholtz

Ms Claire Reinke

Ms Dawn M Rekoske

Mr and Mrs. Blaine R Renfert

Ms Carol Renner

Mrs. Lois E. Rens

Mr. Dean Retzleff

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Reynolds

Mr and Mrs. Hugh E Reynolds

Ms. Diane M. Rezagholi

Ms. Cynthia K. Rhyner

Mr. David C. Rice

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Richards

Mr Greg Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Dale K. Richardson

Mr James Richardson

Ms Ellen Richter

Mr. Don Riegelman and Ms. Kathryn Rouse

Ms Linda Rikkers

Mr and Mrs. Christopher L Ring

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Ring

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ringeisen

Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Riordan

Mr Jay R Ripp

Mr David Ripp

Mrs. Lila J. Ritchie

Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Ritter

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Rizzo

RLJ Dental S.C.

Mr Dan Robbins

Ms. Susan Robertson

Mr Victor E Rodriguez

Mr. and Mrs. Don Roe

Mr Michael Roeder

Ms Kristi Roenning

Mr William Roeser

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Roethe

Mr. Neal F. Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Rolland R. Roggensack

Mr and Mrs. Jeffery Rohde

Mr and Mrs. James R Rohde

Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Rohn

Ms Mary L Rohrer

Neighborhood Quilters

Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Rollette

Ms. Elizabeth Rollo

Ms Katrina M Romine

Dr. Michelle R Rondon

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Rose

Ms. Jacqueline R. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rossmiller

Dane County Title Company, Inc.

Mrs. Sonia Sue Rotar

Mrs. Blanche M. Roth

Mr and Mrs. Donald J Rottscheit

Mr. and Mrs. Michael  J. Routheiaux

Mr and Mrs. Thomas Roy

Mr and Mrs. John and Kimberly Rozum

Mrs Perine Rudy

Mr David Ruedy

Mr. and Mrs. James Ruhly

Prof. Patrick Rumble

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Runstrom

Ms. Sandy Ruskin

Mr. Dennis A. Ruskin

Dr. Deborah A Rusy

Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Rutecki

Mr and Mrs. David Ryan

Mr. Adam Ryan

Mr Andrew Ryback

Mr. Clayton Ryder, II

Mr. Steven Saari

Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Sabish

Ms Laura Sabo

Ms. Veronica S. Saeman

Mr. Larry Q. Saevre

Mr. Jeffrey Sailor

Mr Pete Saladin

Mr and Mrs. Steven Salava

Mr and Mrs. Manuel Salidivar

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Salter

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Samuels

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Samuelsen

Ms Karin Sand

Mr and Mrs. Geoff Sandler

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Saphner

Sauk Prairie Harley Davidson, Inc

Mr and Mrs. Jack C Saunders

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Saxton

Scarsdale Development, Inc.

Ms. Elizabeth J. Schalmo

Mr and Mrs. Eugene E Scharenbroich

Mr and Mrs. Charles Scharine

Mrs. Janice I. Schefelker

Mr. and Mrs. Buddy C. Schelman

Mr. and Mrs. William Schelman

Mr Bryan Schenker

Ms Barbara Schenker

Ms Patricia Schenker

Ms Jennifer Frances Scheuren

Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Schieber

Mr Phillip Schleicher

Ms. Carolyn Schloemer

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Schmidt

Mr and Mrs. John Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Schmidt

Ms. Krista M. Schmidt

Mrs Susan Schmidt

Ms Terri Schmidt

Mr and Mrs. Gregory J. Schmitt

Ms Julie Schmitt

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Schnadt

Ms. Berneice Schneider

Mrs. Dolly J. Schoenberg

Mrs. Sara Schoenemann

Town of Columbus Charities

Mr and Mrs. Neal and Ellen Schoepp

Ms Amy Scholl

Mr. David R. School

School District of Princeton

City Hall Golf League

Ms. Marlene A Schroedel

Mr Rodney G. Schroedel

Ms JoAnn B Schroeder

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Schroeder

Mr and Mrs. Samuel Schroeder

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth L. Schuette

Mrs. Dorothy L. Schultz

Mr and Mrs. Eric W Schultz

Dr. Craig Schulz

Ms Teri Schulze

Ms Bonnie L. Schumacher

Mr. Thomas G Schwab

Ms Mandi C. Schwarz

Mr and Mrs. James E Schwenn

Mr. Owen Schwerdtfeger

Ms Jody Schwerdtfeger

Mr. and Mrs. Allan K. Scidmore

Mr Gregory R Scolman

Mr Randy Scott

Ms. Betty J. Scott

Mr and Mrs. Richard G Searer

Ms Grace Seibert

Mr. and Mrs. Katie Sekelsky

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Selk

Semira Living Trust

Mr Kevin Serafin

Mrs. and Mrs. Scott Severson

Mr Mark Shaffer

Mr and Mrs. Steven M Shafranski

Mr Bill Shager

Mrs. Doris M. Shain

Ms Glenna Shannahan

Mr Russell Sharpswain

Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Shaver

Ms Sue Shefchik

Mr and Mrs. Jeremy and Katie Shepherd

Ms. Carol Shier

Mr. Michael F. Siemion

David and Morgan Sigafus

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Sills

Mr. David M. Silverberg and Ms. Elizabeth Huebel

Mr and Mrs. Cody and Lacey  Sime

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sime

Mr. Carl Sinderbrand and Ms. Maryann Sumi

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Sipes

Siren Family Eyecare, LLC

Mr and Mrs. Rick Sirus

Ms. JoAnn Six Plesko

Mr. Tom Skibinski

Mr Kurt Sladky

Mr and Mrs. Mark G. Slosarek

Southwest Michigan Oncology Assoc., PLLC

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Smith

Mr. James Smith

Mrs. Sara Smith

Ms Judith Smith

Ms Barbara A Smith

Ms Brianna L Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton O. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon F. Smith

Mr and Mrs. Matthew Smith

Mr Randall C. Smith

Mr Steven P Smits

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Snyder

Ms Elaine Snyder

Mr and Mrs. Matthew J Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Soderholm

Mr and Mrs. Michael P Sokol

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Soltis

c/o Godfrey and Kahn S.C.

Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Sondel

Dr. Shiyu Song

Southern WI Food LLC

Messmer Catholic Schools

Mr Kurt C Sowle

Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Spaanem

Karls Carpet Cleaning

Dr. Tod Speer

Mr William J Spevacek

Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. Spiegelberg

Mr. Rick Spiel

The Spierings Cancer Foundation

SR Bidinger Yellow Pages, Inc.

Ms Erica St Angel

Mr. and Mrs. James E. St. Vincent

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Staben

Mr and Mrs. Chad Staehly

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G Stafford

Ms Marcia Stanczyk

Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Stange

Mr Robert J. Stanley

Mr Mark Star

Ms Jennifer Stark

Mr. and Mrs. Eric B. Staros

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Statz

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Statz

Mr and Mrs. Brady and Christina Steel

Ms Jennifer Steiner

Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Steinmetz

Mr. Paul S. Stephany

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Stephenson

Mrs. Hat Stevens

Ms Lynne K Stevens

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Stewart

Mrs. Marjorie Stewart

Ms. Jessica D. Stewart

Ms Marsha Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Still

Mr Phillip Stimpson


Ms Anne N Stoelting

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Stolen

Ms Karen L. Stoll

Ms Melinda Stonecipher

Mr and Mrs. Curtis M Stoops

Mr James Stopple

Mr. and Mrs. Carmen L. Stout

Mr. Jeff Stouthamer

Ms Stephanie Stratton

Ms Sue Strehlow

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Strock

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Sturm

Mr. David J. Stute and Ms. Margaret M. Rasch

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Suchomel

Mr David C Sugar

Yuri Sugiyama

Ms. Nona A. Suhr

Mr Steve Suleski

Mr. and Mrs. Michel P. Sullivan

Ms Margaret M Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sullivan

Ms Joan Sumkin

Summit Credit Union

Ms Lori Suson

Ms. Karen Sutter

Mr. Thomas P. Sutula

SVA Certified Public Accountants, S.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Swann

Mr. John R. Sweeney

Mr and Mrs. Dan Sweeney

Mr Charles V Sweeney

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sweeney

Mr Joseph  Sweeney

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Sweeney, Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Symes

Mr. Charles H. Taggart

Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Taitelman

Mr and Mrs. John and Bridget Tallman

Mr. and Mrs. Travis M. Tank

Mr and Mrs. George H. Tanner

Target Madison West

Mr Donnie Taylor

Mr. Taylor

Ms Candice A Taylor

Ms Kari Taylor

Mr Gene E Tempel

Mr. Robert W. Tensfeldt

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Teper

Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Terbilcox

Mr. and Mrs. I. Dale Terrill

The Earl and Bettie Fields Automotive Group F

Mr and Mrs. Richard J Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Thompson

Ms. Beth E. Thompson

Ms Anna T Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Thompson

Ms. Tommi N. Thompson

Ms. Marion Thoresen

Ms Kathi Thorson

Lanore Thumma

Mr Adam Tierney

Chris Tierney

Ms Rebecca Timme

Ms Sue Timmerman

Mr and Mrs. Lee S Tischler


Ms Sabrina J Tolley

Tonna Mechanical, Inc

Mrs. Marceil Tooley

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Totten

Ms Lisa M Toussaint

Vantage Point

Trachte, Inc

Ms Kim Tran

Sue Ellen Trautwein

Mrs Jeanne Tremelling

Mr and Mrs. James Tress

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Tribbey

Mr and Mrs. Keith Triller

Mr and Mrs. John Tritt

Madison Motorcycle Club

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trojan

Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Trzeciak

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Turino

Mr Glen C Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Jerald H. Tutsch

Mr and Mrs. Andrew P. Tuxen

Mr. Kenneth E. Twinem

U.S. Sensor Corp

UBS Financial Services Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Udell

Unity Health Insurance

Mrs. Jean Urbach

Urban Land Interests, LLC

Cherokee Kennels

UW Division of Info Technology

Dr. Sonia Valdivia

Valley King Of Wisconsin

Mr John Van Note

Mr. Ron Van Rossum

Mr Vaughn Vance

Ms Sarah T Vandernberg

Ms Jeanne VanderPloeg

Mr Hendrik VanHeen

Mr and Mrs. Howard VanLoon

Mr Peter VanVeen

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Varese

Mr. and Mrs. Don Vaughan

Vector Industries

Mr. David Veness and Mrs. Maureen L. Harrill Veness

Veolia Environmental Services

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Vergeront

Mr. Curtis J. Verish

Martha M. Vestling

Ms Elaine A Vetesnik

Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Vick

Ms Bethany R Viney

Mr and Mrs. Zachary Vogel

Mr and Mrs. John and Michelle VonHaden

Voyager Village Realty, LLC

Mr Steven Wagman

Mr and Mrs. Charles L Wagner

Ms. Ashley M. Wagner

Ms Claire Wagner

Mr. Robert F. Wagner

Mrs. Ruth A. Wagner

Mr Robert E Wahl

Ms. Corinne R. Wakeman

Mr Steven Waldheim

Ms. JoAnn Walker

Mrs Mary Walker

Ms. Marilyn Walker

Ms Leah Ann Walker

Mr and Mrs. Patrick M Wall

Nancy Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome F. Wallander

Ms Karen A Walsh

Mr and Mrs. Michael Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warn

Waterman Logcrafters LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Watry

Mrs. Bonnie O. Watson

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle E. Watson

Mr. and Mrs. Lester V. Watters

Waunakee Community School District

Mr Samuel E Wayne

Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Webb

Mr Tom Weber

Ms Kimberly Webster

Ms Sally Webster

Mr Steve A Weddig

Mr Kurt Wedewer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Wegenke

Dr. and Mrs. John Wegenke

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Wehmeyer

Dr. and Mrs. William P. Weidanz

Mr. Conrad V. Weiffenbach

Mrs. Dorothy J. Weigle

Ms. Donna Weis

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Weiss

Mr. Robert L. Weiss

Mr Scott Welch

Wells Fargo Foundation

Mr and Mrs. Frederick Wenzlaff

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Wermuth

Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. West

Mr Erik L West and Ms. Ana G Alexander

Mrs. Marjorie D. Westergard

Mr Charles Westerholm

Westfield Milling and Electric Light Co.

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Westlake

Mr. Jack C. Westman

Mr Thomas Wetzler

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Wheeler

Mr. Thomas Wheeler

Mr and Mrs. Robert E. White Jr.

Ms Robin A. Whyte

Mr. and Mrs. Tripp Widder

Ms. Emily Widlake

Ms. Peggy A. Wiederholt

Mr John S Wiencek

Mr. Neil F. Wienke

Ms Tina Wiersma

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wilcox

Mr. William C. Wild

Dr. and Mrs. George Wilding

Mrs. Mary Wilding

Mr Bredt Wilhelmsen

Mr Robert Wilhemson

Mr and Mrs. James Wilke

Dr. Lee Wilke

Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Will

Mrs. Jane R. Will

Ms Caroline Willard-Lane

Ms. Ruth B. Williams

Ms Ashley Williams

Ms. Penelope M. Williams

Mr and Mrs. Richard J Williamson

Mr Bradley Williamson

Mr. William J. Wills

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Wilson

Mrs. Nan R. Wilson

Mr. Terry Wilz

Windhover Foundation

Ms. Kimberly Winskell

Ms. Barbra H. Winter

Ms Lynn Wipperfurth

Ms. Jessica Wirkus

Wisconsin Arabian Horse Association

Wisconsin Municipal Mutual Insurance Company

Wisconsin Prima

Mrs. Jane L. Wise

WI Dual Sport Riders

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wisinski

Inter-Company Marketing Group

Ms Abby Witter

Mrs Mary Woelfel

Mrs. Barbara Woessner

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wolfe

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Wolfe

Mr Russell Wolff

Mr and Mrs. Timothy Wolff

Mr and Mrs. Michael J. Wollin

Mr. David J. Wollin

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Wollpert

Women's International Pharmacy

Ms. Elaine B. Wood

Mr and Mrs. Duncan Woodhull

Mr Jack Woodward

Word Investments LLC

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Worm

Ms Emma Wright

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Darrin J. Wroblewski

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Wuerger

Urology Associates of Green Bay

Doris Yelk-Wilberg

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth J. Zagzebski

Mr. Sol Zaichick

Mr. and Mrs. Bahman Zakeri

Mr Larry J. Zanoni

Zeier's Siding, Inc

Stevens Construction Corp.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Zenk

Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Ziegler

Mr. Richard J. Ziemann

Mr. H. William Zilisch

Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Zillner

Mr and Mrs. Jon Zinsli

Ms Margaret Zoerb

Mr. Dean Zoesch

Ms Nicole Zunker

Mr. and Mrs. John Zwickey