Calf Stretch

Calf flexibility can be important in the health and function of your low back, shins and feet. In addition to stretching after exercise, stretching your calves can be a great way to give you a one minute stretch break at your desk.
  • Stand tall, holding a counter top or sturdy, stable chair.
  • Place one foot back behind you.
  • Look back at your foot to check alignment, the toes should be pointed forward or slightly toed in.
  • Draw your abdominals in, as if zipping a tight pair of pants.
  • Lean your whole body forward, front knee bent, try not to bend forward at your waist. Keep heel of back foot on floor.
  • Hold for 15–30 seconds, then slightly bend the back knee. Hold for another 15–30 seconds. The bent knee position stretches a different a different portion of the musculature, so you may feel the stretch lower in the calf. Stretch both legs one to two times each.