Nipple Areola Reconstruction

For some patients, the final stage in breast reconstruction involves nipple areola reconstruction.

This process can begin once the new breast has softened, typically several months after reconstruction. During the procedure, a flap of tissue is elevated on the breast and arranged to create the appearance of the nipple bud. Nipple reconstruction is performed as an outpatient procedure and takes up to one hour.




Tattooing is available to patients who wish to undergo nipple reconstruction with an areolar tattoo, or as a non-surgical option for nipple areola reconstruction.


To help establish the look of a natural breast, your plastic surgeon can tattoo the area around the nipple (the areola) after nipple reconstruction. Alternatively, patients seeking non-surgical options for nipple areola reconstruction can undergo tattooing to recreate the look of a nipple bud and areola.


There are a number of techniques your plastic surgeon could offer in order to restore your nipple and areola.  Please consult with your plastic surgeon to determine which is right for you.


Nipple Areola Reconstruction