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Many women newly diagnosed with breast cancer want to get treatment right away. They feel a strong sense of urgency and jump into the first treatment their doctor recommends. However, in most cases, there is time to do some valuable research to understand your cancer and therapy options, and to get a second opinion from another doctor.


Video: Breast Cancer second opinions From Our Providers: Breast Cancer Second Opinions


A Treatment Plan That's Personalized to Your Cancer Type


Getting the right cancer treatment is important. Having other breast cancer specialists review your medical records and test results can help you make the best decisions. 

  • Having another radiologist review your breast imaging tests can determine whether any additional imaging or biopsy is needed to complete your work-up.  It also helps the other breast specialists plan for treatment options.

  • Having another pathologist look at your tissue may change your treatment plans based on the type of breast cancer you have.

  • Having another surgeon review your diagnoses may offer you alternatives to standard surgery, suggest chemotherapy before surgery, or be able to offer reconstructive surgery at the same time as the breast cancer surgery.

  • Having another medical oncologist review your treatment plan may provide other options or access to novel clinical trials.

  • Having another radiation oncologist review your treatment plan may provide you with faster or more targeted treatment options.


Many people with breast cancer decide to get second opinions, and doctors are used to hearing this request. In fact, some insurance companies even require a second opinion before treatment begins.


What to Look for in a Cancer Center


If you are seeking a second opinion, you should look for:

  • A center that practices evidenced-based cancer care
  • A center that offers multidisciplinary clinics and tumor boards
  • A center that participates in clinical trials

Contact Us for a Second Opinion


The UW Health Breast Center is within a large academic medical center that includes the UW Carbone Cancer Center, a nationally recognized National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer center. For a second opinion, please call (608) 266-6400.