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Breast Cancer ReductionHere are the facts about breast cancer:
  • The No. 1 risk factor for breast cancer is being a woman
  • One in eight women develop breast cancer
  • One in 35 women die of breast cancer
Your own risk for breast cancer depends on a number of factors. Some risk factors are part of your personal or family history. You can't change these. Other risk factors are related to your lifestyle and can be changed. You also might be able to make choices that change your risk factors, improve your health, and reduce the chance that you will have breast cancer.
While researchers know there are risk factors that increase the chance that a person will develop breast cancer, they are still learning how these risk factors affect cells and cause cancer to develop. There are ways to reduce the chance that a person will develop breast cancer, but we do not know how to completely eliminate the chance of having breast cancer.
Learn more about things you might be able to do to reduce your chance of having breast cancer.