Bent Over Row

This month's exercise is a weight training exercise that is commonly seen in work out facilities. This exercise targets the muscles in your upper back, which are a part of postural support.


The Bent Over Row also works support muscles in the back of the thighs, in your core and in your arms. Below are a few modifications to explore if you have any orthopedic limitations.

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A Few Tips for Performing This Exercise


If You Need More Support for Your Lower Back


If you would like more support to your low back while performing this exercise, try performing this exercise with the following changes:

  • Perform the exercise one arm at a time instead of with both arms
  • Stand to the side of a chair or bench. Place one knee and the non-working side hand on the bench or chair.
  • Draw the abdominals in so your torso is strong. 
  • Your torso will still be in the position shown in the video, parallel to the floor
  • Bring your working side hand up to your belly and lower

If You Have Shoulder Limitations


Try keeping your elbow closer to your body as you lift and lower. Your palm(s) will face toward the midline of your body instead of behind you.


Performing the Exercise


Start with 1 set of 8 - 15 repetitions, adding a second set if your body is tolerating this exercise well.