Bench Stepping

Bench stepping is a good exercise for developing lower body endurance or for alternating with previous Activity Avenue exercises to help you add intensity to your home exercise program.


For example, you could choose 3 - 8 strength or core exercises from the Activity Avenue archives and alternate performing 1 - 3 minutes of stepping with a strength exercise to build a small circuit.


Tips and adaptations for Bench Stepping

  • The bench height in the video is set at a fairly challenging level. We often start with a bench that it 3 - 4 inches high. You can purchase benches that are designed for exercise stepping, but you can also use the bottom step on a flight of stairs.
  • If you have challenges with your balance, set your bench near a counter top or railing that you can hold onto for balance assistance.
  • Work on light foot landings. It is easy, when you get into a rhythm, to land in a 'stomp' instead of a controlled footfall. This adds more impact to your legs and back. A lighter foot landing will be easier on your joints.
  • Try putting some music on to help motivate you.

Video Demonstration of the Exercise