Bench Step Off

This exercise can help you work on your ability to decelerate during impact loading. This includes activities such as jogging, or the jumping that you will do in tennis, basketball or soccer.


Bench Step Off Exercises


Bench Step Off Step 1

Starting Position


Start on a sturdy bench.


If you are new to impact loading exercises you may want to start with a 2–4 inch bench.


Stand with your knees bent, hips back slightly as if in squat position, weight towards the balls of the feet.

Bench Step Off Step 2

Step 1


If you have any lower extremity injuries, you can start with a single leg step off.


Step forward off with one leg, focusing on a gentle landing, allowing your knee, ankle and hip to be springy. Land on the ball of the foot first. Your knee should line up with your toes, avoid letting it drop in toward your midline.


Step back up to the bench and repeat other side.


6–12 repetitons per leg.

Bench Step Off Step 3

 Step 2


Your next progression can be to jump off the bench and land double legged.


Try to leave the bench and land on the ground with both feet evenly. Recheck that you are maintaining the criteria listed in the step above, using appropriate alignment and movement at the knees hips and ankles to provide a soft landing.


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Further progression


You can increase challenge by increasing the height of the bench by small increments (2-4 inches).