Aqua Dance

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UW Health's Fitness Center offers Aqua Dance classes.

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Do you have access to a lake or pool during the 'dog days of summer'? Dancing in the water can be fun whether you currently love to dance or miss the days when your knees could handle a night out dancing.


Not sure what to do? In the video below, UW Health fitness instructor Joan Severson is leading a lively Aqua Dance class. If you're at home pool, consider turning up the volume and just letting loose. If this is not your style, try a few ballroom dance moves, some folk dance steps or a little line dancing. You can also practice your standing yoga poses, or put a life vest or floatation vest on and try some deep water jogging. Gather some friends together and have some fun!


Many fitness centers offer a variety of water aerobics and dance classes. Check out the offerings near you. And in the meantmime, find a little inspiration in the video.