The discovery of Paul Lambert and Sang-Hyuk Chung (pictured right), who eliminated cervical cancer in mice with FDA-approved drugs, is just one example of the leading-edge research occurring at the UW Carbone Cancer Center.

For many researchers, like Mark Burkard, MD, PhD, who is also a medical oncologist, it is the patients who provide the motivation to continue to explore new ways to make treatments better. Learn more

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Dr. Mark Burkard
Medical Oncologist and Researcher
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Cuidándome, a program from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, aims to reduce breast and cervical cancer among Latinas in Dane County.

Mayra DeGraff (pictured right) is one of 12 lay health advisors or "Promotoras de Salud" who work in the community to help raise awareness about screening and prevention.

Ana Martinez-Donate, PhD, a member of the Cancer Center’s Cancer Control Program, is currently studying the effectiveness of Cuidándome. Learn more


Dr. Tracey Weigel, chief of Thoracic Surgery, uses innovative treatments for lung cancer. Like Dr. Weigel, Dr. Stephen Rose, Mihal Davis and Jody Wipperfurth, are part of the 2,300 Cancer Center staff who provide patients with the most advanced therapies available. Learn more

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Dr. Stephen Rose
Gynecologic Oncologist
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Mihal Davis
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Jody Wipperfurth
Radiation Therapist
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Each year, the UW Carbone Cancer Center cares for more than 20,000 cancer patients. Every one has a unique and often inspirational story that reflects a quiet courage, determination and incredible strength.

Alyssa Brewer, a pancreatic cancer survivor, shares her remarkable story that, like so many patient stories, is one filled with hope in the face of incredible odds. Watch her video and read more patient storiesLink Arrow


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