Advances e-Newsletter: A Mother's Journey

In honor of Mother's Day, the Advances e-Newsletter May edition focuses on the experiences of four mother's as they deal with cancer in their lives.
Whether it is their own cancer, or cancer that took the life of a loved one, each woman shares her intimate thoughts about living in the shadows of the disease.


I had a "Kick Cancer's Butt" Fiesta and invited everyone I could think of who had helped me through the worst year of my life.

Rita Britt, cancer survivor, shares her own very special Mother's Day message. Read more
Rita Britt and family; Rita shares her cancer experience
Mary Schatz and her daughter; Mary shares her cancer experience
The same qualities that help you try to be a good mom will help you cope with cancer and its treatment: Patience, Fortitude, Perseverance and Humor.

Mary Schatz shares her own very, personal breast cancer journey. Read more
We all have stories to tell, heartache we have endured, obstacles we have overcome. Without a doubt I know I have been given another chance at life.

Connie Sue Prochnow describes being diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia, following two years free of breast cancer. Read more
Connie Prochnow shares her cancer experience