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UW Health Sports Medicine Provides Activities to Help You Live WellExercise specialists with UW Health's Sports Medicine Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin have teamed with the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center to bring you low-impact exercises to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. These exercises appear each month in the UW Carbone Cancer Center's Advances e-Newsletter.
Being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight are two great ways to help cut your risk of cancer.
Please consult with your physician prior to beginning any exercise regimen.

Alternating Diagonal Shoulder Press

Balance Windmill

Bench Step Off

Bench Stepping

Bent Over Row

Bent-Over Triceps Extension

Bicep Curls

Bowler's Lunge

Bridging Exercise

Calf Stretch

Carioca Walking Lunge

Cat Back Stretch

Chin Tucks

Clam Shell Hip Strengthening

Cobra Stretch

Core Strengthening Plank Position

Dead Bug

Dead Bug with Arm Leg Touches

Dolphin Strength and Stretching Exercise

Giant Circles

Golf Swing

Heel to Toe Rocker

Hip Flexor Stretch

Hip Stretching

Lateral Step Up

Leg Press Back with Band

Monster Walk

Physioball Bridge

Physioball Walk Out

Pigeon Stretch

Piriformis Stretching

Plank with Knee to Chest

Prone Mountain

Quadruped Trunk Rotation

Rail Squat

Reverse Lunge


Seated Spine Twist

Shoulder Strengthening

Side Leans

Side Lying Leg Lifts

Side Plank

Single Arm Row with Single Leg Balance

Single Leg Squat

Split Squat with a Chair

Struggling Starfish

Sumo Squat

Supine Twist Stretch

T Lift for Midscapular Strength

Tricep Dip

Vertical Figure Eights

Walking with a Twist

Y Arms