Activity Avenue - Single Arm Chest Press

Our exercise of the month is the single arm chest press, which will focus on strengthening the muscles of the chest, triceps (back of the upper arm) and trunk rotation. You can perform this standing or seated. To keep your shoulder from getting too much stretch, note that the model’s hand stays in front of his shoulder. Bringing the hand back too far as you release the band may cause some irritation in your shoulder. Note that to get that extra motion he actually rotates through his upper body and rib cage as he releases the band.


Resistance bands can be a very useful addition to a home exercise program. Bands come in different resistances (light, medium, heavy) and in different styles to allow you to create a varied routine. They are also easy to pack to allow you to exercise on a trip. To secure the band, you can tie a knot in one end and close a sturdy door on it, tie it around a post or loop it around a sturdy banister.


If you are new to strengthening, start a little closer to the wall attachment so there is less stretch or resistance in the band. As demonstrated in the video below, stepping further from the attachment point increases the resistance.


Start with 5–6 repetitions per arm, build to 15. You can perform 1–3 sets.


Chest Press Demonstration