Reverse Lunge

Strong leg muscles can help improve your endurance for household tasks and recreational activities. Keeping lower body muscles strong may also help reduce your chance of injury to your lower body and low back.

The first time you try this exercise hold lightly to a sturdy table, counter top or chair back. As this exercise becomes easier you can free stand to increase challenge. 

  • Start by standing tall, shoulders relaxed and abdominal muscles gently drawn in (as if zipping a tight pair of pants)
  • Keeping your weight on your right leg, step your left foot back to touch behind you. At first you may reach the left foot back only 12-18 inches behind you, increase the distance as this exercise feels easy.
  • As you step back, bend both knees as in the picture. Notice in the picture that the front knee stays centered over the shoe laces. Allowing your knee to move forward over the toe will increase your risk of knee pain with this exercise. 
  • Return to starting position and recheck your posture
  • Repeat with the right foot reaching back
  • Start with 1 set of 4 – 5 repetitions each leg, slowly build up to 2 sets of 10 – 12 repetitions per leg
Advances Activity Avenue, Reverse Lunge 1) Start by standing tall and relaxed Advances Activity Avenue - Reverse Lunge; Advances e-Newsletter, UW Carbone Cancer Center 2) Step your left foot back to touch behind you