Golf Swing

It is never too early to start training for recreational sports. Many of our recreational activities involve rotational movements, swinging a golf club, baseball bat or tennis racket. Training different movement patterns can help you increase power and decrease risk of injury.
Golf Swing Exercise
Hold a weighted ball, the ends of a 3-8 pound dumbbell or a sealable jug with some water in it. You can also introduce this exercise using a vinyl kids ball, soccer or other ball.
Golf Swing Exercise  Start with the ball held low in front of your thighs. You can be in a squat position as shown in the picture, or standing tall with your knees slightly bent.
Golf Swing Exercise
Rotate to your right, swinging the ball overhead. Your left heel should release from the floor.
Your head will turn to watch the ball, allowing the shoulders and hips to rotate.
Golf Swing Excercise Return to the center start position.
Golf Swing Exercise Repeat to left, releasing your right heel.
Start with 3 – 5 swings each direction. Gradually build to 15 - 20 swings each direction.

If you need to minimize your range of motion to protect your back, shoulders or neck make your motion smaller. Instead of reaching the ball up overhead, bend your elbows as you lift the ball and bring the ball to your shoulder.