Giant Circles

Are you a weekend warrior? Many of our outdoor recreational activities involve multi-directional movements, including swinging a golf club or tennis racket and change of direction running on a soccer field. Training different movement patterns can help you increase power and decrease risk of injury.
Giant Circles Using a Weighted Ball
To begin, hold a weighted ball, the ends of a 3-8 pound dumbbell or a sealable jug with some water in it. You can also introduce this exercise using a vinyl kids ball, soccer or other ball.
Activity Avenue, Medicine Ball Exercise
Start with the ball overhead.
Check your posture, your abs should be engaged to prevent your back overarching, knees are slightly bent and your neck in good alignment with the rest of your spine.
Activity Avenue, Medicine Ball Exercise Swing ball down to the left, then in front of thighs, and up to the right, returning to the start position. Let your eyes and head follow the ball.
Activity Avenue, Medicine Ball Exercise Repeat to the right.
Activity Avenue, Medicine Ball Exercise For greater workload, keep arms extended and in control, transferring weight as you move through the circle.
Activity Avenue, Medicine Ball Exercise
To start slowly with this exercise, or to protect your shoulders, back or neck, make a smaller circle.
Keep your elbows bent and your hands closer to your body. Trace a circle around your chest and waist instead of your head and hips.
Start with 3 – 5 circles each direction. Gradually build to 8 – 10 circles each direction.