Carioca Walking Lunge

Lateral and rotational movement is important for the health of our musculoskeletal system and to help us maintain balance and agility. This months exercise is easy to do in the space of your living room or down a hallway.


A Few Tips for Performing This Exercise


If you are new to moving sideways, here are a few extra progressions to consider:


1. Start with just stepping sideways.


How does it feel in your body to just step to the side without crossing one foot over? Experiment with small, then bigger sidesteps. Work on keeping your toes pointing forward with this movement. Share This Story


If you have hip concerns you may want to just perform the smaller, gentler sidestep. If you have had a hip replacement your surgeon may not want you to perform the cross-over movement. If you are unsure, ask your health care provider before adding the cross-over.


2. When you feel the straight side step is easy, move to the upright cross-over step that is shown first in the video.


Again you can start with small steps, then see how increasing the length of your cross-over. Let your body and hips rotate and move freely. Try to look up, not at your feet. Allow your arms to swing and move freely.


3. When you add the lunge or dip progression shown second in the video, you can modify how deep you are dipping.


Instead of dipping and reaching all the way to the ground and reaching for your foot or ankle, reach for your thigh, knee or shin. Watch the knee position of the individual in the video and see how his knee is staying stacked over his foot. Avoid twisting the knee. Also note in the video that the his hips are dropping down and behind him, allowing him to weight bear more on his stationary foot. The 'reaching' foot carries less of your bodyweight.


Video Demonstration