A Father's Reflection: Fathers and Sons Share Their Experiences

In the June 2009 Advances e-Newsletter, fathers and sons reflect on their experiences with cancer and how it has shaped their lives.
A Special Letter to His Father
George Wilding, MD, is director of the UW Carbone Cancer Center. In honor of Father's Day this month, Dr. Wilding shares a special message to his own father about the values he helped instill, values that guide Dr. Wilding as he leads the cancer center. Read more
Three Fathers Share Their Experiences
The lives of three young fathers were dramatically changed by a cancer diagnosis. They share their very personal stories of hope.
All in all life was going great – we were young and invincible and ready for anything. Later that year however things started to go wrong for us. Read more
The Lenz Family
My diagnosis of cancer, just as it has for so many others, changed the world as I knew it. I had just been through an emotional and physical life change six weeks earlier when my son Nathan was born. Read more
Dan Gorska and Son
The UW Cancer Center has been an inspiration. The caring, support, medical staff, facilities, and banana bread in the morning are always there to give cancer patients and their supporting family members the best experience possible. Read more
Ted Fish and Family