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American Family Children's Hospital

Membership Directory O-S

UW Carbone Cancer Center members total over 300 members from 45 departments and 11 schools. 

Member Directory

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Ruth O'Regan Unaligned
Mario Otto Experimental Therapeutics 



C. David Page Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
David J. Pagliarini Cell Signaling
Sean P. Palecek Tumor Microenvironment
Bhudatt R. Paliwal Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Xuan Pan Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Michael W. Pariza Chemoprevention
Manish S. Patankar Experimental Therapeutics
Walter W. Peppler Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Scott B. Perlman Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Daniel G. Petereit Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Donna M. Peters Tumor Microenvironment
Richard E. Peterson Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Perry J. Pickhardt Imaging and Radiation Sciences
J. Wesley Pike Cell Signaling
Megan E. Piper Cancer Control
Michele L. Pipp-Dahm Experimental Therapeutics
Henry C. Pitot Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Tomas A. Prolla Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Carla M. Pugh Cancer Control



Ronald T. Raines Experimental Therapeutics
Saurabh A. Rajguru Unaligned
Alexander L. Rakhmilevich Tumor Microenvironment
Erik A. Ranheim Tumor Microenvironment
Alan C. Rapraeger Tumor Microenvironment
Scott B. Reeder Imaging and Radiation Science
Patrick L. Remington Unaligned
William Ricke Cell Signaling
Mark A. Ritter Imaging and Radiation Science
JoAnne A. Robbins Cancer Control
H. Ian Robins Experimental Therapeutics
Avtar S. Roopra Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Stephen L. Rose Unaligned
Howard A. Rowley Imaging and Radiation Science
Lixin Rui Cell Signaling
Carol D. Ryff Unaligned



Sana M. Salih Cell Signaling
Eric P. Sandgren Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Matyas Sandor Tumor Microenvironment
David F. Schneider Cancer Control
Tracy A. Schroepfer Cancer Control
Linda A. Schuler Cell Signaling
David C. Schwartz Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Ronald C. Serlin Cancer Control
Mary Sesto Cancer Control
Christine M. Seroogy Tumor Microenvironment
Vijay Setaluri Chemoprevention
Bret R. Shaw Cancer Control
John P. Sheehan Tumor Microenvironment
Nader Sheibani Tumor Microenvironment
Nathan Mark Sherer Human Cancer Virology
James Shull Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Eric V. Shusta Experimental Therapeutics
Rebecca S. Sippel Experimental Therapeutics
Igor I. Slukvin Cell Signaling
Lloyd M. Smith Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Maureen A. Smith Cancer Control
Stevens S. Smith Cancer Control
Paul M. Sondel Experimental Therapeutics
Vladimir S. Spiegelman Chemoprevention
Gary A. Splitter Tumor Microenvironment
Timothy J. Stein Cell Signaling
Roberta Strigel  Imaging and Radiation Science
Robert Todd Striker Human Cancer Virology
Bill Sugden Human Cancer Virology
Ruth Sullivan Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Xin Sun Tumor Microenvironment
Roger A. Sunde Chemoprevention
M Suresh Tumor Microenvironment
Michael R. Sussman Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
John P. Svaren Cell Signaling
Steven Swanson  Experimental Therapeutics