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UW Carbone Cancer Center members total over 300 members from 45 departments and 11 schools.  

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Michael E. Eastman Experimental Therapeutics
Jens C. Eickhoff Experimental Therapeutics
Kevin W. Eliceiri Tumor Microenvironment
Corinne D. Engelman Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)



William E. Fahl Cancer Control
Sean B. Fain Imaging and Radiation Sciences
J. Scott Ferguson Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Michael C. Fiore Cancer Control
Lisa J. Forrest Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Amy M. Fowler Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Andreas Friedl Tumor Microenvironment



Ronald E. Gangnon Cancer Control
Samuel H. Gellman Experimental Therapeutics
Aaron M. Gilson Cancer Control
Anthony Gitter Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Shaoqin (Sarah) Gong Chemoprevention
Michael N. Gould Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Caprice C. Greenberg Cancer Control
Daniel S. Greenspan Tumor Microenvironment
Anne E. Griep Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Thomas M. Grist Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Jenny E. Gumperz Human Cancer Virology
Juliet L. Gunkel Chemoprevention
Alfred Gunther Cancer Control
David H. Gustafson Cancer Control



Susan C. Hagness Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Richard B. Halberg Chemoprevention
Aric C. Hall Unaligned
Timothy J. Hall Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Jacquelyn A. Hank Experimental Therapeutics
Lawrence P. Hanrahan Unaligned
Paul M. Harari Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Ellen M. Hartenbach Experimental Therapeutics
Victor M. Haughton Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Robert M. Hauser Unaligned
Robert P. Hawkins Cancer Control
Colleen E. Hayes Tumor Microenvironment
Robert B. Hegeman Experimental Therapeutics
David L. Hei Experimental Therapeutics
Susan M. Heidrich Unaligned
Peiman Hematti Experimental Therapeutics
F. Michael Hoffmann Experimental Therapeutics
Wei Huang Chemoprevention
Michael S. Huie Experimental Therapeutics
Paul R. Hutson Cancer Control
Anna Huttenlocher Tumor Microenvironment


Edward F. Jackson Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Elizabeth A. Jacobs Cancer Control
David F. Jarrard Chemoprevention
Colin R. Jefcoate Chemoprevention
Robert Jeraj Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Eric Johannsen Human Cancer Virology
Sterling C. Johnson Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Nathan R. Jones Cancer Control
David E. Joranson Cancer Control
Douglas E. Jorenby Cancer Control
Joan S. Jorgensen Cell Signaling
Mark B. Juckett Experimental Therapeutics