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UW Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) members total over 300 members from 45 departments and 11 schools. 

Member Directory

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Nicholas L. Abbott Experimental Therapeutics
Jason E. Abel Experimental Therapeutics
Alexandra K. Adams Cancer Control
William McChesney Adams Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Paul G. Ahlquist Human Cancer Virology
Nihal Ahmad Chemoprevention
Oguzhan Alagoz Cancer Control
Elaine T. Alarid Cell Signaling
Mark R. Albertini Experimental Therapeutics
Caroline M. Alexander Cell Signaling
B. Lynn Allen-Hoffmann Imaging and Radiation Sciences

Ahmed Al-Niaimi 

Henry A. Anderson Unaligned
Richard A. Anderson Cell Signaling
Rozalyn Anderson Chemoprevention
Fotis A. Asimakopoulos Experimental Therapeutics
Sanjay Asthana Unaligned
Anjon W. Audhya Cell Signaling




Howard H. Bailey Chemoprevention
Timothy B. Baker Cancer Control
Lisa Barroilhet Unaligned
Andrew Baschnagel Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Michael F. Bassetti Experimental Therapeutics 
Hirak S. Basu Experimental Therapeutics
John Bayouth Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Bryan Bednarz Imaging and Radiation Sciences
David J. Beebe Tumor Microenvironment
Helen E. Blackwell Experimental Therapeutics
Walter F. Block Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Christopher L. Brace Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Christopher A. Bradfield Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Kristen Bradley Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Emery H. Bresnick Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Justine Y. Bruce Cancer Control
George T. Bryan Chemoprevention
Mark E. Burkard Cell Signaling
William J. Burlingham Tumor Microenvironment
Elizabeth S. Burnside Cancer Control
Wade A. Bushman Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)



Lisa Cadmus-Bertram Cancer Control
Weibo Cai Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Natalie S. Callander Experimental Therapeutics
Paul J. Campagnola Tumor Microenvironment
Toby C. Campbell Cancer Control
Christian M. Capitini Experimental Therapeutics
Evie Carchman Unaligned
Suresh R. Chandra Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Julie E. Chang Experimental Therapeutics
Richard J. Chappell Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Guang-Hong Chen Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Betty A. Chewning Cancer Control
Experimental Therapeutics
James F. Cleary Cancer Control
Lara S. Collier Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Nadine P. Connor Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Jessica Cook Cancer Control
Joshua J. Coon Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Erin S. Costanzo Cancer Control
Mark W. Craven Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Vincent L Cryns Chemoprevention
Charles J. Czuprynski Tumor Microenvironment



June L. Dahl Unaligned
Onofre T. DeJesus Imaging and Radiation
Hector F. DeLuca Experimental Therapeutics
Paul M. DeLuca Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Dustin A. Deming Experimental Therapeutics
Robert J. Dempsey Tumor Microenvironment
John M. Denu Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Kenneth B. DeSantes Experimental Therapeutics
Colin N. Dewey Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
William F. Dove Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Tracy M. Downs Chemoprevention
Norman R. Drinkwater Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms (GEM)
Lori L. Dubenske Cancer Control