Urology Gifting Opportunities: Supporting Discovery

Robert and Dolores SchnoesRobert (Bob) and Dolores (Jinx) Schnoes endowed the Robert F. and Dolores K. Schnoes Chair in Urologic Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to support innovative research that may provide new insights into urologic disease and treatments.


Bob Schnoes is an industrial engineer, cancer survivor and philanthropist. When asked why he endowed the chair, he responded, "I'm investing so the return is the health of people. UW Urology did a good job on me. Why shouldn't I do something to help others?"


When asked about his interest in medicine, Bob commented, "I wanted to know why cancer could show up in somebody when there was no indication beforehand. I wanted to know why cancer can reappear five years later. Where does it go? There has to be a way somebody can find it and stop it in its tracks."


The Robert F. and Dolores K. Schnoes Chair is held by Wade Bushman, MD, PhD. Dr. Bushman is the first to study the Sonic Hedgehog gene's role in normal prostate development and prostate cancer. Hedgehog inhibitors have been developed that will soon be used to treat prostate cancer.


In very recent work, Dr. Bushman and Dr. Travis Jerde have discovered a profoundly important parallel between inflammatory signaling in organ development and the role of inflammation and cancer.


Dr. Bushman appreciates the support shown by Bob and Jinx. The chair funding allows Dr. Bushman to pursue new ideas outside areas funded by the National Institutes of Health.


Commenting on the relationship with Dr. Bushman, Bob shared, "I don't hesitate to ask questions, and Wade listens. I look at the body mechanically and chemically rather than medically. We enjoy each other's profession."


Opportunities for Support

  • Institute for Research in the Department of Urology Innovative and collaborative efforts in all aspects of urologic research
  • Endowed chairs, professorships or fellowships in Urology Endowed positions provide flexible support to attract and retain the best faculty and allow them to pursue innovative research in urology
  • Educational Enrichment Fund Educational support provides enhanced training opportunities for urology residents, faculty and staff

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