Strengthening Our Academic Mission

The academic mission of the Department of Urology at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health has been enhanced considerably by four families. Seven high-impact endowments stem from their generosity.


These gifts will benefit the Department’s work in perpetuity.


Uehling Professorship in Urology


David T. Uehling, MD, joined the faculty of the University of Wisconsin Division of Urology in 1965 after completing a fellowship at Chicago Children’s Memorial Hospital. Dr. Uehling developed a statewide pediatric urology practice and contributed significantly to the study of urinary tract infections with a successful NIH-funded research program. He served as Division Chairman from 1983–2001 and has been an Emeritus Professor since his retirement. Dr. Uehling and his family endowed this professorship to maintain the high quality of education at the University of Wisconsin.


Stephen Y. Nakada, MD, FACS, is the David T. Uehling Professor of Urology. The income from this endowment supports research, particularly in the areas of endourology and the treatment and prevention of stone disease.


Uehling Lectureship


The Uehling Visiting Professor Fund was established to honor Dr. Uehling and his contributions to pediatric urology and the urology program at UW. The income from this fund is used to sponsor a guest lecturer to headline the annual Uehling Lectures. This day-long event is an intensive update on developments in urology, including clinical and research advances. Since 2001, the Uehling Lectures have experienced growing popularity among urologists and other clinical staff from around the region.


Uehling Visiting Professors:

  • Anthony Atala, MD
  • Peter Carroll, MD, FACS
  • Ralph Clayman, MD
  • John Grayhack, MD
  • Louis Kavoussi, MD
  • Eric Klein, MD
  • John Libertino, MD
  • Edward Messing, MD
  • Alan Partin, MD, PhD
  • Margaret Pearle, MD, PhD
  • William Steers, MD
  • Darracott Vaughan Jr., MD
  • Richard Williams, MD

Livesey Professorship in Urology


John P. Livesey is the founder of the Livesey Company, a successful family-owned real estate business that has developed commercial properties throughout Wisconsin for the past 50 years. In gratitude for his successful cancer treatment, John endowed a chair in urologic oncology with the hope of transforming prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.


David F. Jarrard, MD, is the John P. Livesey Professor of Urologic Oncology. Dr. Jarrard is a successful physician scientist who is on the cutting edge of his field in surgical and medical treatment of urologic cancers as well as prostate cancer research. The income from this endowment allows Dr. Jarrard to pursue new advances that expand his work beyond the scope of his grant-funded projects.


Schnoes Professorship in Urology


Robert (Bob) and Dolores (Jinx) Schnoes owned Ultrasonic Power Corporation for 27 years. Their company developed, manufactured and sold precision ultrasonic washing equipment to global customers in industries such as aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing. Bob and Jinx were pleased with the outstanding care UW Health provided for Bob and they wanted to make a gift that would help others. In 2006, they established this endowment to provide a margin of excellence through incremental funding for innovative urologic research. Their hope was that this research would provide insights into urologic diseases and treatments, and help find new ways to identify and eliminate cancer cells.


Wade Bushman, MD, PhD, is the Robert F. and Dolores K. Schnoes Professor of Urology. The income from this endowment is critical to Dr. Bushman’s ability to study novel research questions that pave the way for new breakthroughs. Bob passed away in 2012 but his legacy lives on.


Robert F. Schnoes Memorial Urologic Cancer Research Fund


The Schnoes family established this fund in 2012 as a way to honor Bob’s memory and to augment this important research.


Schnoes Lectureship


The Robert F. Schnoes Lecture Series Fund was established through a generous donation by Bob and Jinx Schnoes. The income from this fund supports an annual lecture by a visiting professor with expertise in an area of urologic cancer treatment or research. Thanks to this endowment, the Department is able to host nationally prominent clinicians and researchers who share the latest cancer knowledge with UW faculty, residents and medical students.


Schnoes Visiting Professors:

  • Wade Bushman, MD, PhD
  • Robert Flanigan, MD
  • Robert Uzzo, MD, FACS
  • Chris Wood, MD, FACS

Lescrenier Lectureship


Charles (Les) and Margaret (Peggy) Lescrenier and Gammex established this endowment in 2010 to support an annual lectureship in the Department of Urology focused on an area of urologic disease. According to Peggy, “Charles’ life was saved in 2002 by surgery to remove a cancerous kidney. Dr. Stephen Nakada was the surgeon and Charles lauded him for saving his life.”


Charles Lescrenier was a radiological physicist, teacher and researcher whose academic career was marked by positions at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Yale University, the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, Marquette University and the University of Chicago Medical School. Charles was a Fellow of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine and the American College of Radiology and an honorary member of the American College of Medical Physics. He founded Gammex in 1969 to manufacture a device he invented to align medical imaging equipment using lasers. Charles earned 16 patents over the years and started several companies with Peggy. They have served an extensive list of professional and community organizations by giving their time and as philanthropists with a focus on medical research. Charles died peacefully on May 7, 2011. Peggy still serves on the Department of Urology Advisory Board and remains active as a philanthropist and advocate.


Lescrenier Visiting Professors:

  • Robert Bahnson, MD, FACS
  • Hunter Wessells, MD, FA CS