Shedding New Light on Prostate Cancer

Dr. David Jarrard and John LiveseyDeveloper John Livesey has spent his life transforming Madison, Wisconsin's landscape. In gratitude for his successful cancer treatment, he endowed a chair in urologic oncology at UW Health in the hope of transforming Prostate Cancer diagnosis and treatment.


John's cancer was caught early but he couldn't help worrying. John shared, "the tumor was small enough. It's what I call 'you've-got-a-95-percent-chance-of winning.' But when the gun's pointing at you, you know what you're thinking: I'll get shot."


Fortunate to be able to travel anywhere in the country for treatment, John searched for the best place in the nation to receive his care. The answer turned out to be right in his own backyard - Dr. David Jarrard and the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Department of Urology.


John was thrilled that the outstanding care he desired was available in the community he helped build. Grateful for his care, he established the John Livesey Chair in Urologic Oncology. The chair provides additional funding for Dr. Jarrard's work.


When asked about his gift, John stated, "Cancer strikes so many people, and it's the scariest word on earth. I wanted to give back and help Dr. Jarrard advance his research."


John's hope is that through Dr. Jarrard's work, the marker will be found that identifies which prostate cancer patients do not need surgery. John added, "By finding the marker they can cut prostate surgeries by 60 percent, eliminating the risks of surgery, infection and loss of quality of life."


Dr. David Jarrard said, "I see a synthesis between the clinical work and the research work. Thanks to the Livesey Chair, I am able to do both of these things."


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