Penile Implants

A penile implant or prosthesis is another treatment option available for men with erectile dysfunction.


UW Health urologists offer the penile implant, or penile prosthesis, as the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction that does not respond to other treatments. It is an outpatient procedure. Men can go home the same day or have a short, overnight hospital stay.


It is used when there is a clear medical cause for erectile dysfunction and the issue is unlikely to resolve itself. There are currently two types available: semi-rigid penile prosthesis or a hydraulic, inflatable implant.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Do penile implants work?

Yes, they work, even in the most challenging cases of ED where all other medical treatments have failed. The satisfaction rates for patients and partners are 90%.


Will I still have an orgasm?

Patients have normal sensation, orgasm and ejaculation (those that are still ejaculating) with an implant.


How much does it cost?

Cost varies based on insurance coverage and location where the surgery is done (hospital or surgery center). Medicare covers the surgery as it would any other surgical procedure.


Can you tell? Is it detectable?

The inflatable penile prostheses are very difficult to detect based on appearance and even feel. They are easily concealable.


How long after surgery until I can get back to my routine?

Most men are back to regular activities in about one to two weeks and able to have intercourse in six to eight weeks. The results of surgery will vary depending on the patient.


Dr. Dan Williams on Penile Implaces for Erectile Dysfunction