Female Urinary Incontinence

Contact Information

Interested patients can call the Urology Clinic at (608) 263-4757 to schedule an initial consultation.

UW Health's urology program offers treatment for women with urinary incontinence.
Urinary incontinence affects women of all ages - from young, otherwise healthy women to the elderly. The social effects of bladder disorders can be devastating to many women, sometimes leading to social isolation. Women who suffer from bladder problems may give up going to the gym because they experience urine leakage when they exercise; or they may feel uncomfortable going out for fear that they won't be able to quickly find a bathroom.
Treatment Options
Discussing the Problem
Even minor incontinence can change a woman's body image and sexuality, as well as her sense of health and well-being. Despite this, many women may not discuss the problem with their physicians due to embarrassment or because they don't realize it's a common problem for which several treatment options exist.
When a patient comes to the UW Health Urology Clinic for help, her complaints are assessed in the context of her lifestyle and medical history. Once a working diagnosis is established, options are discussed with the patient. Diagnostically, educationally and therapeutically, some of the major issues are: 
  • How much does the incontinence bother you?
  • Is it going to get worse?
  • What are the options for evaluation and treatment?