A Comprehensive Approach to All Urologic Malignancies

University of Wisconsin-Madison urologistsThe University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Urology has collaborated successfully with the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center for over 25 years.


In addition to countless research trials and laboratory investigations, UW Health Urology provides comprehensive surgical management for all patients with prostate, kidney, bladder, testis, penile and other malignancies of the genitourinary tract.


UW Health's comprehensive team of urologists, medical and radiation oncologists and other select specialists and researchers provide an optimal experience for all patients suffering from urologic malignancies. Visits are structured so that patients can see various specialists for a given malignancy in a multidisciplinary cancer clinic.


Care begins with state-of-the-art diagnosis and surgery, and continues with follow-up care, including specific clinical initiatives designed to maximize quality of life after treatments.


Through UW Urology's broad departmental resources, patients receive active management and ongoing surveillance as long as is necessary following initial therapy.


Strong Bladder Cancer Initiatives


UW Urology has a strong initiative in Bladder Cancer. Chemopreventative clinical trials and surgical initiatives work together to create state-of-the-art care in bladder cancer. These often complex patients receive comprehensive, multidisciplinary care to achieve optimum outcomes.


The advent of Robotic Surgery has also hastened recovery from major prostate and bladder surgeries. Moreover, UW Urology is actively involved with the latest trials in bladder cancer prevention and early diagnosis. The UW Department of Urology has a strong national reputation for clinical care in all urologic cancers, as well as a longstanding history in investigative science in the major urologic cancers.


Members of the Department work together and with other University of Wisconsin-Madison departments toward the same goal: curing urologic disease.


Leading the Way in Kidney Cancer Treatment


The University of Wisconsin Department of Urology is well recognized as a national leader in the latest treatments for Kidney Cancer. In collaboration with the UW Department of Radiology, we offer state-of-the-art ablation treatments as well as all laparoscopic operations for kidney cancer.

  • UW Health has been a referral center for laparoscopic surgery since 1996
  • UW research in cryoablation has paved the way to clinical studies since 1999 

The Uehling Chair: A Gift that Fuels the Future


In 2001, the David T. Uehling Chair was established. Dr. Uehling was the chairman of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Urology from 1983 to 2001, and is a world-renowned expert in urinary tract infections, donor nephectomies and pediatric urology. He established the chair to support the current chairman of Urology.


Dr. Stephen Nakada is grateful and proud to hold the chair named for his former chairman.


Says David T. Uehling: "The Uehling Professorship means a great deal to our family. My father, Theodore Uehling, first brought up the idea that I should try to leave the school and the practice better than I found it. Currently, our named chair continues to be a subject of pride and conversation at our family gatherings. Through life's ups and downs, the gifts cannot be diminished. I'm glad to hear that you are encouraging other families to endow a professorship. Like a good fire, the families will be warmed by their gifts - as well as the recipients."