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UW Health Care Anywhere provides quick and easy access to provider whenever you need.As a member of the marketing and communications department for UW Health, I was aware of the launch of the UW Health Care Anywhere video visits technology for urgent care needs. I downloaded and registered the app as soon as it was available in case an opportunity for a video visit presented itself.


Such an opportunity arrived in early November. My mom passed away November 5, 2017 and I soon found myself in a whirlwind facing a long to-do list in addition to dealing with grief and sadness. In the week following her death, we had to plan for her service, arrange for a moving company, pack up her assisted living apartment and deal with showings at her condo.


So, when my daughter woke up on moving day with an eye swollen shut wanting to get to school for a test, we did not have time for a visit to urgent care.


Instead, I opened the UW Health Care Anywhere App, completed the questionnaire and conducted a video visit with my daughter. All in less than 20 minutes.


I asked the provider if you could get an eye infection from crying too much and indeed you can. The provider was extremely kind and empathetic, did a thorough exam and in the end prescribed an ointment to clear things up. My daughter got to school on time and I continued my day uninterrupted.


I appreciate the relationship I have with my daughter’s pediatrician, but in this case, being able to get her concern addressed quickly and from home was a huge relief. I’m grateful that UW Health now offers such a convenient way to access care.


Becky Broering
Director, Web Center, UW Health