Strength and power clinic: Helping you achieve peak performance

UW Health Sports Rehabilitation views CrossFit, Olympic lifting and other strength competitions as competitive sports. Like many sports, these activities come with injury potential and the desire to improve performance.


Program goals

Our Sports Rehabilitation Physical Therapists can work with athletes with the goals of quick recovery from existing injuries and reducing the risk of future injuries allowing athletes to compete and participate at a high level in their sport.

Whether you just started CrossFit, compete in the Games, have been doing years of Olympic lifting, or are just interested in improving your strength during personal workouts at the gym, our team of professionals will provide expert examination and treatment of your CrossFit/weight training-related concerns. Physical therapists work in conjunction with Sports Medicine physicians to help you achieve your training or competitive goals.

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The program

Evaluating injuries

Biomechanical assessments are used in combination with a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation to address injury and performance issues. During the initial evaluation, athletes receive:

  • History and weight training program review

  • Orthopedic examination/screening (i.e., flexibility, strength, balance, skeletal alignment, mobility)

  • Video analysis of specific weight lifting or conditioning mechanics

  • Treatment plan development

UW Health Strength and Power Clinic can help you achieve your competitive goals. All tests and findings will be reviewed immediately following the examination. A treatment program will be implemented, with follow-up options discussed. A program may consist of therapeutic or corrective exercises, manual interventions and guidelines for a progressive return to prior weight training level. This program may also be a means of improving current performance. Modification to lifting form/scaling of workouts may also be recommended to correct adverse lifting mechanics.


Injury-related evaluations and services are billed to your insurance company. Costs can range from $120 to $480, depending on the services provided. Please contact your insurance company to verify your coverage.

Tendo unit

Many athletes develop good strength or the ability to apply force against resistance like a barbell. However, these same athletes may lack power or the ability to generate that force quickly. As such, athletes may deadlift a heavy amount, but not move quickly enough to drop under the barbell during a clean. Or a basketball player may be capable of squatting heavy weights, but lack the power to dunk a ball. A Tendo unit is used to measure both the speed of the bar and the power output of the athlete during a lift to objectively identify areas of weakness that may be affecting performance. Why use Tendo

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