Family-centered hearing care

Hearing can help us to connect to the world around us. It can help us to communicate, keep us safe and bring us joy.

UW Health Kids audiology focuses on evaluation and treatment of children’s hearing. Our team of audiologists evaluates hearing in kids from birth through age 17. For those diagnosed with hearing loss, we offer a variety of treatment plans.

Services and treatment

Complete, kid-friendly hearing evaluations and treatments

We use a variety of tests to assess hearing in children in order to accurately diagnose hearing conditions. We work with the child and their family to then develop an individualized treatment plan. We work to engage young children in testing by using toys and games.

Testing services

Age appropriate behavioral and non-behavioral tests include:

  • Visual reinforcement audiometry

  • Conditioned play audiometry

  • Tympanometry

  • Auditory brainstem response (ABR)

  • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)

  • Cochlear implant evaluations

  • Hearing aid evaluations

Treatments and other services

Treatment is tailored to each child’s needs. Treatment options and services that that we offer include:

  • Cochlear implants

  • Bone-anchored hearing aids

  • Traditional hearing aids

  • Custom earmolds, including swimming ear plugs and stage performer earpieces

  • Device repairs

Craniofacial Anomalies Clinic

Sometimes, hearing disorders are linked to craniofacial anomalies. These are defects in a child’s head and facial bones that are usually present at birth. Doctors in our Craniofacial Anomalies Clinic specialize in treating these conditions.

Smiling child with sign reading UW Health Kids
UW Health Kids
Our pediatric experts have served the special needs of children for more than 100 years. We focus on each child’s unique needs and offer social and emotional support to help you and your child face even the most complex condition. Our long history includes the creation of medical advances that save lives around the world. Together, we get your child back to health and enjoying being a kid.

Meet our team

Hearing specialists focused on kids

Our audiologists specialize in working with children, providing family-centered hearing care with skill and compassion.


Trust us for your child’s hearing health needs

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