Help for hearing and balance disorders

Hearing loss is a problem that many people experience. It can happen at any age but is most common as people grow older.

Audiologists at UW Health specialize in preventing, identifying and assessing hearing problems. We work closely with ear, nose and throat doctors. They treat medical conditions that cause hearing loss. We focus on nonmedical treatments of hearing disorders. We also evaluate and treat people with balance disorders.

Conditions and tests

Guiding your path to better hearing

We offer a wide variety of tests and services for hearing disorders. Your ears play a vital role in balance, and we evaluate balance and dizziness issues too. We use the most advanced equipment and give you individualized attention.

Conditions we treat

  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo 

  • Dizziness and balance disorders 

  • Hearing loss

Testing and evaluation 

We do several tests for hearing and balance issues. 

Hearing tests we offer include:

  • Auditory evoked potential testing 

  • Comprehensive audiological evaluations 

  • Electrophysiology

  • Neurodiagnostic auditory-evoked potential testing:

    • Auditory brainstem response 

    • Auditory steady-state response 

    • Electrocochleography

  • Otoacoustic emissions testing:

    • Distortion product

    • Spontaneous

    • Transient

Our balance tests and evaluations include:

  • Balance disorder analysis 

    • Electronystagmography 

    • Rotary chair 

    • Vestibular evoked myogenic potential 

    • Videonystagmography

  • Comprehensive balance system evaluation for vertigo or dizziness


Restoring your hearing, returning your balance

We offer many treatments to improve your hearing and balance.

Treatments for hearing loss 

Our hearing loss treatments and services include:

  • Amplification (nonsurgical rehabilitation)

  • Bone-anchored hearing aids 

  • Cochlear implants

  • Hearing aid accessories

  • Hearing aid repair service 

  • Hearing aids

  • Hearing protection devices 

  • Patient monitoring during inner-ear surgery

Treatments for balance disorders 

Treatments we offer for balance problems include:

  • Benign positional vertigo therapy 

  • Canalith repositioning therapy

Meet our team

Here to help you hear and steady your steps

Our audiology team is highly trained and has years of experience. They make sure you get the best possible care. If needed, they will refer you to one of our ear, nose and throat specialists.


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We have audiology clinics for adults and children in Madison, Wis. and Rockford, Ill.

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