Transplant Mentor Program

The Transplant Mentor Program, offered by UW Health Transplant in Madison, Wisconsin, links potential recipients and living donors with trained mentors who have already received an organ transplant or donated an organ.


Mentors' real-life stories are an invaluable source of insight and comfort to those still weighing the decision about receiving a transplant or donating an organ. In turn, the mentoring experience provides previous recipients and donors the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and to stay connected with the transplant community. 


The Mentor/Mentee Relationship


The UW Transplant Mentor Program links people, by phone or in person, who have already received an organ transplant or donated an organ through living donation, with those who are preparing for transplant or donation. We believe our patients know better than anyone what transplant is actually like, and can be a valuable source of support, encouragement and information for others going through the process.


About Our Mentors


Our mentors have been chosen for their positive attitude and willingness to share their time and experiences. Mentors come from a variety of ages, religious and cultural beliefs, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds, and have unique factors that affected their transplant or donation experience. On-going support and guidance is always available to our mentors. Our staff carefully pairs each mentee with a mentor based on factors such as age, gender, race, organ and similar concerns.


How the Program Works


With your consent, a mentor volunteer will be given your first name and phone number and a brief account of your situation. Last names, addresses, and birthdates are kept confidential.


The following people may participate in the Transplant Mentor Program:

  • UW Hospital organ transplant recipients
  • Anyone preparing for transplantation at UW Hospital
  • Living organ donors (kidney and liver) and those considering donation at UW Hospital

If you are interested in taking part in the UW Transplant Mentor program, please contact the organ-specific program directly and ask to speak to a social worker about the mentor program: 

  • Heart Transplant: (608) 262-8915
  • Liver Transplant: (608) 263-1384
  • Lung Transplant: (608) 265-5658
  • Living Kidney or Liver Donation: (608) 263-1384
  • Kidney or Kidney/Pancreas Transplant: Contact the National Kidney Foundation peer support program at (855) 653-7337 or If you have questions after speaking with the NKF representatives, contact UW Health Transplant at (608) 263-1384.
  • Pancreas Transplant: (608) 263-1384

Mentor Program Agreements


All mentor program participants will complete an agreement form that outlines the goals and expectations of the mentor program. The Mentee agreement is below:


Mentee Agreement (pdf)