The Gift of Life: Caleb's Story

Caleb's mother reflects, “Knowing that Caleb’s organs would spare other parents the pain we were experiencing was a bright spot in the darkest moment of our lives.”Caleb was your typical five-year-old boy. He was full of energy and loved being outside playing sports, fishing and digging in the dirt.


After a tragic accident at home in December, 2009, Caleb passed away. He spent three days in the hospital before doctors told his family he was not going to make it. When the question of organ donation came up, Caleb's parents instantly agreed. Knowing that his organs would be donated to other children, and that they had the opportunity to spare those parents from the same heartbreak that they were experiencing, was a small, bright spot in the darkest moment of their lives.


Today Caleb's spirit is honored in many ways – the brick in his name at the Rotary Botanical Gardens, the tree planted in his memory at his school, and of course in the hugs, smiles and laughter of his brother and sister.


"Caleb is everywhere. We choose to surround ourselves with him and we have many special places to go when we need a moment," said parents Dan and LeAnn.


Caleb was able to donate nine organs to save six lives. His family received their first letter from one of his recipients.


"We find great peace knowing that Caleb will forever live on in our hearts, and in the lives of all his recipients," said LeAnn.