Portraying the Transplant Waiting List in Photographs: Video

Musician and artist Silas Ritchie was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth. Eventually, his disease led to his need for a double-lung transplant and the wait for his second chance at life began.


His friend and fellow artist proposed a project that allowed Silas to express his wait experience through one of his favorite creative outlets, photography. For more than 100 days Silas and Dale took a photograph to show the juxtaposition of their daily lives. From a cup of Tea at Dobra Tea House, where much of this video was filmed, to enjoying nature, to being admitted to the hospital to control his symptoms, Silas captured his days as he waited for the call that finally came in June of 2013.


The photo exhibit, titled Bump on a Line, is currently on display at Ebling Library.


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