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The UW Health pancreas transplant program has performed more than 1,700 transplants. Each year, we do more pancreas transplants than any other program in the nation. People with insulin-dependent diabetes who experience hypoglycemic unawareness may benefit from pancreas transplant. These people typically have type I diabetes, but some people with type II diabetes can be candidates for transplant. People with insulin-dependent diabetes who are also in kidney failure may be candidates for a combined pancreas and kidney transplant or a pancreas after kidney transplant.



People who have diabetes, but good kidney function, may qualify for pancreas transplant. People with diabetes but do not have good kidney function may qualify for a combined kidney and pancreas transplant.


Some patients might first have a Kidney Transplant, usually from a living donor, and then receive a new pancreas at a later date. In rare cases, patients receive pancreas transplants without the need for a kidney transplant. 


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