Living Kidney Donor Inquiry

If you would like to talk to someone in the UW Health Transplant Program in Madison, Wisconsin, about the possibility of becoming a living kidney donor, we would be happy to contact you. Please complete the form below and someone from the program will contact you shortly.

Note: If you live more than 300 miles from University Hospital in Madison, or do not have the ability to travel to Madison for surgery, go to the SRTR website to locate a transplant center closer to your home.


Email is not a highly-secure means of transmitting health information. You may transmit this form via fax or mail if you prefer. By transmitting this completed form you authorize UW Hospital and Clinics to use this data for purposes related to treatment, research and operations.


If you prefer to submit this information by fax or U.S mail, you may print the form after you complete it and send to:



ATTN: Kara Geisler

(608) 262-5624



UW Transplant Program

ATTN: Kara Geisler

600 Highland Avenue, G7/116
Madison, WI 53792-1735


NOTE: If you are interested in living liver donation, please complete the Living Liver Donor form - not this form.

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