Living Donation Education Session

Learn more about living donation through a free drop-in session at UW Health 


Interested in learning more about living donation?


Join us today at our living donation education session!

When: Monday-Friday from 12–12:30pm
Where: F8/170
Who: Patients, family, friends, caregivers and anyone interested in living donation

Our living donor social work team holds daily educational sessions for anyone who wants to learn more about living donation. Sessions include important information about how a patient can start a conversation about living donation.

Patients with kidney or liver disease usually wait a significant amount of time to receive a transplant from a deceased donor. A transplant from a living donor is often the best option for people who need a kidney or liver transplant. Living donors save and improve lives and reduce the number of people waiting for a transplant on the deceased donor wait list.


No RSVP is required, simply join our session at Noon!