Liver Transplant Patient Education

UW Health Transplant is one of the most active and successful liver transplant programs in the country.


As a service to its patients we offer the following educational videos, which discuss important facets of the liver transplant process. Each section features a video and a brief multiple choice quiz.


Watch each video and then take the corresponding quiz to enhance your knowledge about the liver transplant process.


Section 1: Welcome to UW Transplant


Liver transplant patient education video Learn about UW Transplant


 Section 2: Preparing for Transplant

Section 3: Surgery and Your Hospital Stay

Section 4: Home Care Section 1 - Going Home After Surgery

Section 5: Home Care Section 2 - Clinic Visits and Staying Healthy

Section 6: Medications

Section 7: Rejection and Other Possible Complications

Section 8: Laboratory Tests

Section 9: Post-transplant Diabetes

Section 10: Life Adjustments and Resources

Section 11: Diet and Nutrition