Kidney Transplant Newsletter: While You Are Waiting

Kidney transplant at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics has a significantly higher transplant rate compared to other transplant centers nationally, according to, the definitive source for transplant data.


As a service to potential kidney transplant patients currently on the waiting list, our transplant staff contributes to and produces "While You Are Waiting." Patients awaiting transplant are invited to review each issue to increase their knowledge about the transplant process.


"While You Are Waiting" Archive


Issue  Topics include... 
Winter 2015 (pdf)

Robotic Donation

How to Ask

What to Expect After/Support Needed

Blood Transfusions

Summer 2013 (pdf)

National Kidney Registry (NKR)

Capital City Legacy of Life Day


Support Organ Donation

Winter 2013 (pdf)

Housing Options in Madison

Which Vaccines Should I Get?

Blood Transfusions

National Kidney Registry

Spring 2012 (pdf)

What Happens to My Blood Sample?

Increased Risk Donors

NKR 60-Person Chain

Fall 2011 (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions

Staying Active on the Wait List

Tips to Prepare for "The Call"

Considering Living Donation

Winter 2010 (pdf)

Our Newest Program - National Kidney Registry

Returning to Work After Transplant

Our Newest Pre-transplant Coordinator

Tips for Talking About Living Kidney Donation

Fall 2009 (pdf)

Never Too Late to Consider a Living Donor

Keeping the Living Donor Option Open

Get Involved! 2010 U.S. Transplant Games in Madison

Spring 2009 (pdf)

Don't Wait to Lose Weight

Blood Type Incompatible Transplants

Preparing for "The Call"

Welcome to our Newest Coordinator