Kidney Transplant: Devin's Story

Devin is back to doing the things he loves, thanks to the kidney he received from his mother.Whether it's mothers or fathers helping their children, or friends, or even strangers helping each other, living donation allows more children to get back to doing what they do best – simply being kids.


Devin and his mom, Corey, and their family know this firsthand. Today they enjoy going for walks and spending time together, but prior to Devin's kidney transplant in 2012, these simple walks would have not been easy for Devin.


Thanks to his loving family, and the kidney he received from his mother, Devin is back to doing what he loves – walking with his mom, playing with his friends, playing baritone in his school's band, and like most boys, playing video games.


In May 2010, Devin started getting sick, often experiencing what most thought were flu-like symptoms. After ongoing episodes, it was discovered that his kidneys were failing. Both of his parents were evaluated for donation, and on January 18, 2012, he received a kidney from his mother.


Prior to his transplant, Devin tired easily, and needed to nap every day. But today, he is stronger than ever. His loving family and excellent medical care have made the difference. More importantly, says his mother, it's been his attitude.


"Devin has never given up, has never used his illness or surgery as an excuse and he's an amazing kid with a great attitude," said Corey.