Kidney Transplant Chain: Bonnie's Story

Anna, Evelyn and kidney recipient BonnieThis June, when Bonnie celebrated her granddaughter Evelyn's first birthday, the celebration was especially sweet.


Just months ago, Bonnie didn’t know if she would be able to share this milestone with her family, but thanks to the gift of life she received as part of the country's second-largest kidney chain, she plans on sharing and celebrating this and many more milestones with Evelyn and her entire family.


In the mid-1980's Bonnie was diagnosed with Lupus. In 1993, at the age of 33, she received her first kidney transplant from her sister. Her greatest hope at that time was to watch her children grow into adults.


Twenty years later Bonnie was in need of a new kidney, and three of her children offered to be her donor. Unfortunately, none were a great match, so their names were entered into the National Kidney Registry (NKR) as potential donors. Bonnie's hope at that time was to see her grandchildren grow up.


In April Bonnie was exhausted, losing energy and her will to live. Thankfully, through the NKR, they were able to find a kidney for Bonnie.


Anna, Bonnie's daughter and mother to Evelyn, was able to serve as a donor for another person in the kidney chain. Bonnie received her new kidney on April 30, 2013 and Anna donated her kidney on May 7.


A first birthday and a second chance for a happy, healthy life are all great reasons for Bonnie to celebrate.