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Julie and Bill
Bill's friend Julie couldn't imagine a world without Bill, and the National Kidney Registry was the answer to their problem. Julie’s message to recipients: "Give people a chance to help."
Following an example of giving that changed his father's life, Michael donated his kidney to a stranger and changed many lives in the process. Michael's message: "I feel wonderful about this opportunity to make a powerful difference in somebody else's life."
Terry and Keith
Terry knew that his poor health was affecting other people, so he sought a living donor and quickly learned that there were people who wanted to donate and make a difference in his life. Terry’s message to recipients: "You should ask a wide range of people about their interest in possibly donating to you."
Kidney Exchange: Carol and Becky Three Years Later
The UW Health Transplant program is one of the most active programs in The National Kidney Registry, which recently celebrated their 1,000th kidney exchange. Carol and Becky were in their very first exchange and recently updated us on how they're doing three years later.
Exchange Program Makes Transplant Possible
When her mom needed a kidney transplant, Becky Broering offered hers, but found her organ to be incompatible. The UW Health Transplant kidney exchange program, which establishes nationwide donation chains to search for compatible organs, provided the Broerings with a viable donation avenue.
Living Donor Tim Nelson
When Tim Nelson decided to donate a kidney, he joined more than 10 other UW Health employees who have already shared the gift of life through living kidney donation.
Honoring Our Living Kidney Donors
Living organ donors share the greatest gift of all, the gift of life. These generous people save the lives of hundreds of patients every year, many of whom - for various reasons - would not otherwise receive a kidney.
At a recent event to honor living donors, we pulled these people out of their seats and put them in front of a video camera. Typically very humble, they were brave enough to donate an organ and to quickly gather their thoughts to share their experience. The videos are real, and (at times) a bit rough, but we are grateful they did them.
As one donor stated, "There isn't much we won't do to help more people understand the importance of living organ donation, especially if it inspires others to consider the same gift."