Lung Transplant: Amy's Story

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Amy (pictured) underwent a double lung transplant at UW Hospital and Clinics.


Amy, lung transplant recipient

As a massage therapist, Amy had endless opportunities to heal people. A definite "people person," Amy enjoyed the time she spent with her clients and decided to expand her career by becoming a massage therapy instructor.


She flourished as she spent time with her students and clients, gaining their trust and building relationships. She felt blessed to have a career that was so fulfilling. Although she had lived with cystic fibrosis for a long time, Amy was a strong and healthy woman, two important characteristics for a successful massage therapist and teacher.


A severe viral infection, however, allowed Amy's disease to progress rapidly as it dramatically limited her lung function and ultimately forced her name on the national organ transplant wait list. Amy, who was used to being the person healing others, had to learn how to accept healing herself when she received a double-lung transplant in May.


As they always have, Amy's wonderfully supportive family and friends stepped in to give her the large dose of help and healing she needed to recover.


Just months after her transplant, Amy is back to work, studying for her instructor certification in reflexology. Her diminutive stature and sweetness belie the strength and determination it took to regain her health, but she is firmly focused on her future. With plans that include giving seminars and teaching reflexology, and her recent return to work as a massage therapist, Amy is once again providing her healing touch to others.