2018 Transplant and Organ Donation Calendar: David Nordin

A retired attorney, David Nordin is no stranger to research. So when he learned he needed a pancreas/kidney transplant more than 20 years ago, the Naperville, Illinois man immediately began investigating his options.


He learned the UW Health Transplant Program is one of the best in the nation, so he chose this program for his care, and was listed for transplant. David received the gift of life on August 17, 1997.


Overcome with gratitude for his teenage organ donor, David vowed that he would spend the rest of his life “paying it forward.” When he retired a few years ago, he began to work at this in earnest.


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Then: Pancreas transplant was an option only for patients with type I diabetes.


Now: It's an option for some people who have type II diabetes, and the results are excellent..


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