2016 Transplant and Organ Donation Calendar: Dillon Mueller

Dillon MuellerDillon Mueller was known for his big smile and generous heart. He loved racing his motocross bike and was a friend and mentor to many young racers.


And, though he loved adventures like racing, snowmobiling and rock climbing, he also made time for his family and community. He worked tirelessly on his family's dairy farm, and was more than happy to help a neighbor or friend before returning to his own chores. He was in Boy Scouts most of his life and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 2013. He gave 100 percent to everything he did.


When Dillon died unexpectedly at age 18 from complications of a bee sting, his family was proud to learn he was a registered organ donor. He is recognized for his courage to be generous and his spirit of donation through the lives he improved through eye, tissue and bone donation.


Angel and George Mueller

"Dillon was never boastful about his accomplishments," says his mother, Angel." We were proud to learn that he had registered as an organ donor right after his 16th birthday. "He was the type of kid who lived life to the fullest. He could walk into a room with 100 strangers and come out with 100 friends."


His parents George and Angel Mueller are carrying on Dillon's legacy of generosity and kindness by sharing Dillon's story to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation. "He was the type of kid that could make you laugh and shake your head at the same time, but whenever someone needed something, Dillon was there," says Angel. "Sharing his story provides an outlet for our family's grief. We want to help as many people as we can."


George and Angel have shared Dillon's story and their message of organ donation at car shows, through their local civic groups and at Donate Life Wisconsin events. "It's so easy to register online," says Angel. "It gave Dillon the opportunity to help someone else one more time."