2014 Transplant and Organ Donation Calendar: Lisa Goetsche

Lisa, with son AustinThe simple act of breathing is taken for granted by many of us, but not by Lisa Goetsche of Omaha, Nebraska, who has cystic fibrosis.


Lisa loved playing tennis, but as her illness progressed, she couldn't breathe well enough to play. Everything became a struggle, and simply keeping up with her 5-year-old son, Austin, was a struggle. After receiving a double lung transplant, that all changed and Lisa now truly makes each breath count.


Lisa loves to spend time with Austin and her husband, Chad. And, she's back on the tennis court. She's even had the honor of playing in the Transplant Games, and Olympic-style event for transplant recipients, where she earned a silver medal. 


"Being able to play tennis again is a really big deal for me," said Lisa.


Lisa works hard to spread the message of organ donation to help other people with cystic fibrosis.


"Now that I can breathe again," said Lisa, "I feel like I can help others."


Lisa was asked to film a 30-second television commercial with Nebraska's Donate Life program, where she shared her personal experience and what organ donation has meant to her. Lisa and Austin got in front of the camera together to support fundraising efforts for cystic fibrosis. They enjoy making slideshows and videos to share with family and friends to help raise awareness and money.


Lisa received her transplant at UW Hospital and Clinics in 2008 and has continued to spread the message of organ donation from here to Nebraska and back. Her passion for this mission, and for educating people about cystic fibrosis, brings new hope to patients and inspires people to register as organ, tissue and eye donors.