2014 Transplant and Organ Donation Calendar: Lindsey Rohloff

A kidney transplant recipient herself, Lindsey is now a nurse in a dialysis center.As a former dialysis patient and kidney transplant recipient, Lindsey Rohloff provides more than nursing care to her dialysis patients. The extra dose of compassion and understanding she shares go a long way to comfort patients like Ruth, who is currently awaiting a kidney transplant.


As a teen, Lindsey suffered from microscopic polyangiitis, a rare disease that causes kidney failure. She spent eight months on dialysis and was scheduled for a living donor kidney transplant. Lindsey's father, Robin, served as her donor.


"Both of my parents were perfect matches, but my dad really wanted to be my donor," said Lindsey.


Lindsey always knew she wanted to work in health care, but after her own personal experience that decision was confirmed.


"I wanted to be a nurse," Lindsey said, "and I knew I needed to work in dialysis."


Lindsey began her career as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), and then trained to become a dialysis technician. She continued her work as a technician while she attended nursing school. Today Lindsey is thankful for the opportunity to work as a nurse in a dialysis center, where she can give care and understanding to patients.


"Working in dialysis has been wonderful," said Lindsey. "My experience came full circle, and I'm grateful for this gift every day."


Thanks to her father's gift of donation, Lindsey is able to live her life to the fullest. From going to nursing school to getting married, and now the excitement of expecting her first child, Lindsey's renewed health is a gift her whole family celebrates.